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Netflix listens? Streaming movies for current users

Following our recent coverage on Netflix and its business model, I was pleasantly surprised to see Netflix’s announcement today on NYT about adding a feature that enables their users to stream movies. Here’s a video demo from Netflix’s biggest fan and critic — blogger Hacking Netflix!

I did check my Netflix account and couldn’t see that feature — a PLAY icon, right next to your ADD icon next to each movie; all it takes is a Netflix piece of software that needs to be downloaded on your sytem — one time.

Like most other electronic distribution services, Netflix’s system will work initially only with a limited catalog. The bulk of Netflix’s subscribers, who pay $18 a month and are allowed to keep three movies at home at all times, will receive 18 hours of free watching every month.

That’s a good start… Seems like a good counter-move to the immediate gratification principle touted by Blockbuster:

We have everything that Netflix has, plus the immediate gratification of never having to wait for a movie – John F. Antioco, CEO Blockbuster

While Mr. Reed Hastings, CEO Netflix, contents that

Netflix has a product that compares well with those of his competitors. He particularly emphasized Netflix’s business model — free to subscribers — and its focus on instant gratification.

Source: NYT Article — Netflix to deliver movies to the PC

Is immediate gratification the key to success in this competitive home-video market?

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8 Responses

  1. A wise move from Netflix. I would expect BB to offer something similar down the road.

    Note: I think some customers probably don’t want to download special software to watch the movies.


  2. Yes, immediate gratification is it.
    Considering the competition from Cable Video-on-Demand and the future of apple, google, verizon, at&t, xbox360, the venice project (now Joost).

    and Community too! 😀


  3. Paul McEnany says:

    Hell yeah! I actually just signed up for blockbuster online for the two week trial because I figured the in-store thing would be too hard to pass up (even though I canceled it before to move to netflix). Now, I seriously doubt I’ll be moving along…


  4. Hi Mario,

    Isn’t BB part of Viacom (used to be)? Couldn’t they start providing exclusive content to BB via MTV, etc. ? Just a thought…


  5. Mario Sundar says:

    I don’t think BB is a part of Viacom, Damon. Even if they did, they would be shooting themselves in the foot by partnering exclusively w/ BB while the rest of the world still debates other alternatives. Yep, they no longer are a part of Viacom:

    Well, looks like the 2 Mario’s agree on something 🙂 Mario, so when are you starting your own blog?

    If the in-store thing was your key criteria, I think you’ll be a satisfied customer w/ BB. Unless I hear otherwise from you on a Kohl’s style expose. Good job, Paul, on your investigative journalism.

    Also, congrats on the success of your podcast! Way to go!


  6. First I’m getting my business site up (just a construction page up for now), then add the WordPress blog focused on consumer product goods, product dev & design, and marketing.

    Paul, that was a great Kohl’s story. PR was back to you quickstyle! I’ll have to check out your podcast.


  7. Hi Mario,

    I guess I should check some things out first;-)

    Regardless, I think BB could do a lot on the branding front with BB. I don’t think that exclusivity is entirely a bad thing…


  8. Mario Sundar says:


    I can’t wait to check out your new blog.

    As for Paul’s story, looks like there’s an interesting twist to it. Check out his blog post here:


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