Wanna MeetUp at Upcoming events? | Jan 07 events

If you are, like me, interested in networking and attending groups/meetings of like minded peers, you’d definitely be interested in finding what’s happening in your part of the world. Meetup and Upcoming are two services that I use to keep track of events related to my areas of interest (marketing, web 2.0, social media, politics, etc…)

Feel free to add me to your list of friends on these networks and let me know if there are events you’re attending. My user id at both services is vjmario.

Here are 4 events I plan to attend this month — January 07.

1. January 16: Social Media Club, San Francisco (organized by Chris Heuer of SMC)
2. January 18: Social Media in Marketing & PR (Organized by Mike Manuel of Third Thursday’s fame, whose blog I profiled recently)

3. January 25: SF Beta January | Web 2.0 Mixer (Guest Mc’d by the Scobleizer himself, whose recent interview w/ Bill Gates at CES can be found here. Priceless video)

4. January 31: Back to the future | Beyond Web 2.0 (moderated by my friend, Jeremiah, who’s partying at CES right now)

Do you plan on attending any of these events. If so, we should definitely meetup…

Please let me know if you’d be at any of the above events 

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