Is this the power of Social Media?

The power to humanize and add a sense of candor and honesty that hitherto seemed missing in corporate and political videos/ads. Check out the recent interviews of Bill Gates and John Edwards by Robert Scoble at Podtech.

Jeremiah alerted us about Podtech’s new flash based video plug-in (a la YouTube), which I’ve used to bring you those videos (see below). Two of the three videos are rather long, however it’s definitely worth a view. Check it out:

1. Interview w/ Bill Gates at CES 2007 (~ 40 minutes)

Great video. You can see a few of the interviewers starry eyed but it was like watching Bill Gates seated at your dinner table, answering questions that you and I would have on the future of technology.
[podtech content=]

2. Interview w/ John Edwards (~ 9 minutes)

I wasn’t particularly a fan of Edwards but kudos to him on patiently answering questions asked by a citizen marketer such as Scoble. As Jeremiah pointed out, particularly the moment, where Scoble asks Edwards who he is. Priceless. I admire Scoble for asking really honest questions that you’d normally NOT ask a presidential nominee. This is definitely worth viewing since it’s just 9 minutes:

[podtech content=]

3. Interview w/ Om Malik (~ 30 minutes)

This is another long interview, but it was great hearing from Om Malik (whose blog I used to read regularly — as long as he was the sole blogger), what are two of the most important pre-requisites to be a blogger: (1) show up and (2) respect your audiences’ time. Having said that, let me sign off for today.

[podtech content=]

Watch video 2 first, and then schedule 1 and 3 for later, depending on your schedule. How can I also forget Jeremiah’s podcast on how to implement a corporate social media strategy.

Do you think these videos cast Gates and Edwards in new light?

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  1. damonbillian

    Hi Mario,

    We agree! Yay!

    I think that’s why YouTube was such a success…generally short videos that people could watch quickly.

    From my understanding, video and pictures don’t really equate to a lot from an SEO perspective. They do, however, have an awesome viral capability…

  2. Mario Sundar

    I’d have to agree, Damon.

    I did bring up both topics when Scoble started podcasting — both, the length as well as the transcript.

    The transcript would also help search indexing.

  3. Damon Billian

    Hi Vijay,

    My main thought there was that people still digest a lot of information via text & text still allows for scanning of the article, something that isn’t easy to do with a video.

  4. Vijay

    Damon… interesting thought…

  5. Damon Billian

    Hi Mario,

    I think the podtech stuff is great!. I do think it might be somewhat challenging to have people sit through longer pieces, however. I would prefer to see smaller interviews (3-5 mins).

    A secondary thing, if not available yet, would be to create transcripts of the podcasts.

  6. BrainBasedBusiness

    Stories Boost the Business Brain

     Stories not only make effective points … and beat the boredom of  lectures that offer little more than a sore butt for the brain dead, stuck on a hard seat. Anecdotes boost the brain. What one story projects itself on…

  7. Vijay

    Mario… interesting thought.. I think blogging is increasingly becoming mainstream… had the same thought today

    What are your thoughts?

    Watched the Bill Gates Video as well on Podtech.. was nice but ended abruptly…

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