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Is this the power of Social Media?

The power to humanize and add a sense of candor and honesty that hitherto seemed missing in corporate and political videos/ads. Check out the recent interviews of Bill Gates and John Edwards by Robert Scoble at Podtech.

Jeremiah alerted us about Podtech’s new flash based video plug-in (a la YouTube), which I’ve used to bring you those videos (see below). Two of the three videos are rather long, however it’s definitely worth a view. Check it out:

1. Interview w/ Bill Gates at CES 2007 (~ 40 minutes)

Great video. You can see a few of the interviewers starry eyed but it was like watching Bill Gates seated at your dinner table, answering questions that you and I would have on the future of technology.
[podtech content=]

2. Interview w/ John Edwards (~ 9 minutes)

I wasn’t particularly a fan of Edwards but kudos to him on patiently answering questions asked by a citizen marketer such as Scoble. As Jeremiah pointed out, particularly the moment, where Scoble asks Edwards who he is. Priceless. I admire Scoble for asking really honest questions that you’d normally NOT ask a presidential nominee. This is definitely worth viewing since it’s just 9 minutes:

[podtech content=]

3. Interview w/ Om Malik (~ 30 minutes)

This is another long interview, but it was great hearing from Om Malik (whose blog I used to read regularly — as long as he was the sole blogger), what are two of the most important pre-requisites to be a blogger: (1) show up and (2) respect your audiences’ time. Having said that, let me sign off for today.

[podtech content=]

Watch video 2 first, and then schedule 1 and 3 for later, depending on your schedule. How can I also forget Jeremiah’s podcast on how to implement a corporate social media strategy.

Do you think these videos cast Gates and Edwards in new light?

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7 Responses

  1. Vijay says:

    Mario… interesting thought.. I think blogging is increasingly becoming mainstream… had the same thought today

    What are your thoughts?

    Watched the Bill Gates Video as well on Podtech.. was nice but ended abruptly…


  2. Stories Boost the Business Brain

     Stories not only make effective points … and beat the boredom of  lectures that offer little more than a sore butt for the brain dead, stuck on a hard seat. Anecdotes boost the brain. What one story projects itself on…


  3. Hi Mario,

    I think the podtech stuff is great!. I do think it might be somewhat challenging to have people sit through longer pieces, however. I would prefer to see smaller interviews (3-5 mins).

    A secondary thing, if not available yet, would be to create transcripts of the podcasts.


  4. Vijay says:

    Damon… interesting thought…


  5. Hi Vijay,

    My main thought there was that people still digest a lot of information via text & text still allows for scanning of the article, something that isn’t easy to do with a video.


  6. Mario Sundar says:

    I’d have to agree, Damon.

    I did bring up both topics when Scoble started podcasting — both, the length as well as the transcript.

    The transcript would also help search indexing.


  7. damonbillian says:

    Hi Mario,

    We agree! Yay!

    I think that’s why YouTube was such a success…generally short videos that people could watch quickly.

    From my understanding, video and pictures don’t really equate to a lot from an SEO perspective. They do, however, have an awesome viral capability…


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