Looking Ahead — The New Year Post

9 months, 154 posts, 568 conversations, 15 marketing categories, over 40 marketing blog buddies later, here I stand at the start of a brand new year — eagerly looking ahead:

New email | Renewed Focus | Same RSS Feed

1. New email — Yes, feel free to email me at mario.sundar@gmail.com with questions, comments, suggestions, etc…

2. Renewed focus — the past 3 months has been quite the roller-coaster in my personal and professional life and it definitely impacted the flow of blogging. But now that I’m back — I’m focused ever more clearly on blogging & marketing.

* You’ll see more posts on the following 5 topics: corporate blogging, community marketing, customer evangelism, web 2.0 marketing and events.

* Also, I hope to be back on the Mprofs blog with regular updates. I’d like to thank Ann for giving me an opportunity to talk to such a great targeted marketing audience via the Daily Fix.

* I’ll also take a stab at writing an increased number of shorter posts.

3. Same RSS Feed: Please feel free to add my RSS feed to your reader, if you haven’t done so already:

Marketing Nirvana’s RSS Feed: https://mariosundar.wordpress.com/feed/

Also, please let me know if you’re having any difficulty with adding this feed to your reader.

Have a great New Year! Here’s to continued conversations!!

Blog Resolutions:
1. Read more (blogs & discover great new feeds)
2. Converse more (via comments)
3. Participate more (in other blogs’ conversations)
4. Focus more (on marketing and the 5 types of marketing mentioned above)

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  2. email marketing strategy

    email marketing strategy

    Hi. Thanks for the good read.

  3. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Toby! And, WISH YOU THE SAME!!

    I look forward to meeting with you at future marketing events.

    Have a fabulous New Year!

  4. Toby

    Mario – happy happy 2007 to you! Sounds like Marketing Nirvana is off to a get start and I’m looking forward to more great posts in the coming months. By the way, ditto about Ann. Her generosity and friendship to many bloggers is highly appreciated.

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