Guy’s back — and he needs YOUR help!

As an ardent fan of Guy Kawasaki, I’ve been lamenting the fact that he doesn’t blog too often nowadays, but every once in a while, Guy comes up with a tremendously cool idea and this last one, is super-cool.

Close on the heels of Matthew Ingram’s recent post questioning the “Wisdom of Crowds“, Guy decides to put that very wisdom (in question) to action, by summoning the collective minds of today’s marketers in helping him craft the table of contents for his new book.


It’s been two years since The Art of the Start hit the streets, and I’m ready to write another book. I have some ideas, but I’d like to tap the “wisdom of the crowd” in order to ensure that it appeals to “the long tail” in this “Web 2.0” world. 🙂

So…I’ve created a wiki for the book that’s located here. The password for contributors is “kickbutt”. I’ve used PBwiki.

Personally, I’d love to see Guy take on the changing face of marketing in this day and age of social media, word-of-mouth marketing, community evangelism (which to a great extent he pioneered almost 20 years ago).

I’d love to see all my favorite marketing bloggers contribute to such a cool concept and let’s see how Guy crafts the content. What do you think Ann, CK, Eric, Jennifer, Chris, Paul, Mike, community mavens: Mack, Jeremiah, Damon, … and tech evangelists Will Pate, Anil Iyer, Thomas Hawk? Any suggestions?

This is one marketing project, I’ll be paying close attention to.

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  1. Mario Sundar

    Glad to have you on board as well, Anand. I’ll shortly be posting on Guy’s Wiki and look forward to your participation as well.

    Would love to hear more of your insight on evangelism and the genesis of the gNoTe conference.

  2. Anand Iyer

    Sounds real exciting. Sorry for the slow response – my brain instructed me to reply to your post back in December, and I got around to it today.

    But, I have ideas. The wiki looks great, and you can count me in.


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  4. Mario Sundar

    Hi Damon!

    Let me know once you’re back in town. Will chat more about Guy’s project as well as about your experiences.

    The Wisdom of Crowds is definitely a must-read.

    Bon Voyage!

  5. Damon Billian

    Hi Mario,

    Hmmm…very interesting idea from Guy. I will have to see if I can think of ways to contribute content (my blog posts have been lax recently, largely because of some issues in Thailand right now. Due to a change in immigration laws, doing visa runs (like I am doing) can’t exceed a total of 90 days & I will probably have to return to the USA in the next few days).

    If people haven’t read the book that kind of sparked the idea (The Wisdom of Crowds) , I would highly recommend reading it!

  6. Mario Sundar


    Yep, once you’re done w/ your WOMMA tour, we should get you over to San Francisco. Will try to find you a good excuse to travel here.

    Glad you’re part of our Band of Marketers. Yes! If I reinvent this blog, that’s what I’ll call it…

    BAND OF MARKETERS! Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Michael Wagner

    Mario, I loved the experiment Guy proposes and will participate.

    But most of all glad to be named as a member of your marketing posse!

    Keep creating,

  8. CK

    I am ALL over this and want to contribute…just a bit behind but I am thankful that you ALWAYS think of me. So glad we met, get me back out there–k?

    And tell Guy that I’ll be promoting him when the book gets finished…I mean, he’s just a rock star. Regardless I’ll have some contributions in the coming weeks.

  9. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, CK!!!

    Loved your subtle hint to Guy! 🙂

    I also read your recent post on meeting “The Diva”. Awesome!

    I’ll definitely keep ya posted. Have fun! I know you will. We miss ya out here in the blogosphere.

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  11. CK

    I would love to contribute and I thank you for thinking of me. I’m going to need to ask everyone to bear with CK a bit becuz, well, I’m launching a book club (so Guy should REALLY get his book written, wink, wink) and I’m at WOMMA and then I’m taking some much-needed down time. For about a day as I’ve got client work to do.

    So I’m into it–but I would love if you were to nudge me again in a couple weeks. I hope that’s OK my friend. You rock.

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