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Mplanet 2006 Wrap-Up

It’s a wrap! So what did happen at Mplanet 2006? Here are my favorite on-site and off-site reviews of the event.

1. Ann Handley: Mplanet 2006: Ushering in a new era for marketers

(from l – r): Ann Handley, Jim Lenskold, Eric Kintz, and Roy Young

I wish I was there!

In her post, Ann ties together a nice little summary of the interesting conversations at the event. As I had suspected, it wasn’t an unconference, in the traditional sense of the term.

Mplanet was billed as an “unconference,” but truly it was organized like most of conferences, with a daily keynote and a handful of subject-specific concurrent forum sessions.

Read all about Ann’s experience here.

2. Eric Kintz, blogs about the panel discussion he was a part of — “Driving B2B Marketing Success with Marketing ROI”.


Eric ties in some of the key elements of corporate marketing strategy such as Customer Loyalty, Brand Performance, Campaign Performance (intangibles) around a tangible ROI concept. I’d love to chat more with Eric about these concepts for an iDea series.

Read more about it here.

3. Marketing Shift: Jason Dowdell and Garrett French provided the most-in-depth live blogging coverage. Impressive!

Here are 2 of Jason’s posts:

i. Post 1: Forum session on managing the customer experience (the differentiator) with Scott Bush of Maritz Research and Michael Treacy of GEN3 Partners.

ii. Post 2: Forum session on Monetizing Latent Media Assets by Jeff Schumacher and Jeff Collins, both of McKinsey & Company.

Here are Garret French’s posts (my favorites):

i. Q&A with Jason Zajac, GM Social Media at Yahoo!

w/ my favorite Zajac quote being:

lazy sunday part 2 with Natalie Portman was not as well received. people can tell that you’re trying. there will be hits. the question is can you manufacture hits with predictability. the moment the brand has a hand in it you diminish the quality.

Yes! Surprise! Social Media belongs to the people and they can sense a fake from miles away!

ii. there are other forums that were covered such as 12 takeaways from Chris Anderson’s presentation, New World of Media forum w/ VP Marketing at Nokia — Craig Coffey, Mike Fasulo – CMO Sony, and George Harrison, SVP Marcomm Nintendo.

4. Toby Bloomberg (Diva Marketing):

Toby provides a great assortment of event links from various bloggers. Neat stuff. Check it out here.

Anyways, it seems like Mplanet 2006 was a great time to meet fellow marketing bloggers. My earnest desire for the next event is that it is truly in unconference style and I hope there are more marketers from the blogosphere involved. Who knows, all Fortune 500 corporations may be blogging by then?!

I’d like to once again THANK Rachelle Lacroix from Fleishman-Hillard for the invite and hope the next time around, I’ll be in a position to attend. Great job, guys!

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