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Nothing to “Laughing Squid” about!

I couldn’t make it for the event, but seems like I missed a ton of fun. Here’s Jeremiah’s coverage of the party.

Jeremiah reminded me of this month’s “event-de-resistance” – Laughing Squid‘s HUGE 11th Anniversary party this weekend (Sat | 11/18/06) in San Francisco.

For those of you, wondering who/what is the Laughing Squid. Here’s a primer:

Laughing Squid, run by primary tentacle Scott Beale, focuses on art, culture and technology from San Francisco and beyond.

Scott is a phenomenal photographer (check pics here) and along with Thomas Hawk, add glitz and glamor to geek events, with their phenomenal photograpy. As a matter of fact, Scott will beam thousands of his pictures during the event.

Here’s a complete description of the event. Buy tickets here. It’s $8.00 until Sat morning.

Karl, this may be a great chance to meet?

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