Are you a Shish-Kebab or Steak Blogger?

He he…Couldn’t resist quoting my friend Jeremiah…Thanks, buddy!

Jeremiah and I had a nice discussion earlier today about the different types of blogging and it was a great segue into my woes of not being able to find time to blog. Yes, I was struggling over the last two days to get my stuff in order since I spend an inordinate amount of time crafting each blog post. It took me over 3 hours to craft my Borat piece that’s now on the Daily Fix .

Jeremiah and I then got into discussing the styles of blogging, when he mentioned these great quotable quotes:

It’s a conversation, not a speech
It’s a coffee shop, not a podium
It’s Shish-Kebab, not Steak

So, let’s define Shish-Kebab bloggers as those who are capable of writing several pithy posts a day that grab your attention and incite debate, while Steak bloggers are those (who like me) write an essay a day and there is conversation but less of a debate.

Here’s a breakdown with examples:

Shish-Kebab bloggers


Karl Long

Steak Bloggers

Guy Kawasaki
Eric Kintz
David Armano
Mack Collier

Well, here’s my thought process, irrespective of how long you spend, the result is always to provoke thought. What’s important is you’ve got to stir a discussion. Another important aspect of blogging is checking out other blogs & commenting, which I’m doing less nowadays because of time constraints.

So are you a shish-kebab blogger or a steak blogger? Have you faced bloggers-block and how have you overcome it? Feel free to share.

Also, here’s Ann’s “blogging = cocktail party” post and here’s Godin’s “lampchop theory of success”! What’s with all the food and drink metaphors. Looks like we’re having too good a time here.

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  1. My Philosophy of Social Media Sharing « Marketing Nirvana

    […] on this blog recently. Well, interestingly, it takes as much as time to write those as did to write the essay posts I used to struggle […]

  2. Mario Sundar

    Hi David,
    You’re so right. I realized that I go back-and-forth between the tasty kebabs and the steak pieces as well.

    Either way, I enjoy the marketing banquet!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. david armano

    As a practicing carnivore I can tell you that the world needs both shish kebab and steak. Sometimes you want a quick tasty bite and other times you want to savor a big ‘ol juicy cut.

    Actually I think your list is too neat and tidy–I’ve seen Ann post both steaks and kebobs. Same with me and CK and occasionally Karl will saute a nice filet. 😉

    Mmmmm. Variety is the spice of life. I’ll take both please with a side of mashed ‘tatoes and peas. Nice toast. Erm, I mean post. 🙂

  4. Mario Sundar


    Well, I was debating whether you are a shish-kebab or steak type blogger? Tough one…

    And you’re probably right… You may be gravitating towards the shorter version and that’s what I may have noticed.


  5. annhandley

    Mario — Fun post. If I’m a shish-kebab sort, why does it take me so many hours (easily 3 or 4) to draft a post as well? I guess I’m an over-low-burning coals sort of kebab…

    Seriously, I’ve gotten better at shish-ing. My earlier posts were essays — more steak, I’d guess you say. But I think the medium demands something nice and spicey on a skewer — something small you can hold in your hand and eat on the run. Hence I’ve made an effort to make mine on a stick.

  6. Mario Sundar


    Good to see you’re back! I know I’m a “steak” blogger and it’s difficult cos I don’t find time for crafting 4 hour posts!

    You’re right, bloggers-block can be sidestepped with a tour and feedback on other blogs…

    Now that I’ve started posting, it looks like I’m finally off the wagon, or on the wagon?! whichever? 🙂


  7. Mario Sundar

    Hi Sandi,

    Nice to see your new blog. I do notice you’re the “steak” kind a blogger. I agree there’s got to be a healthy mix of the “steak” and “shish-kebab” kind of posts.

    I look forward to continuing our conversation in the blogosphere.


  8. CK

    Great post and food metaphor (now I’m hungry…). What I appreciate about blogging styles–as you point out here–is that they do differ. I would definitely classify you as a “steak” blogger, btw. Sometimes posts come to me quickly (maybe they’re side orders?) and sometimes, like you, I’ll spend hours on a post.

    Insofar as “bloggers block” I always advise bloggers to “just accept it and let it pass”–don’t force it. Use it as an opportunity to visit and consume other blogs that much more. A new post will come to you before you know it.

  9. Sandi

    I too am a bit of a “steak” blogger and I can relate to bloggers-block. Being new to the scene, I prefer to take my time to craft a post rather than slapping something together that’s just half-way decent and not entirely on topic. A food metaphor for bloggers – an interesting segue into Thanksgiving in a way…

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