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I was planning a post on podcasting (…again) but instead decided to make this a brief post on the event that was organized yesterday by proud parent Yahoo! at their headquarters in Sunnyvale.

(From l – r: Me, Nicole, Jeremiah, Chris, Kim)

I crept in towards the close (Thanks, Jeremiah, for the reminder) but I was glad I did since I got another opportunity to meet a bunch of cool bloggers. Here’s the “who’s whom” I met:

1. Dave McClure – The Master of 500 hats himself: It’s always great chatting with Dave. Currently he is building buzz around a new startup he’s focused on – oDesk. They have a very interesting premise to their business and one that truly proves that the world is indeed flat. Check out more on oDesk here.

Co-incidentally, oDesk will host the next version of Lunch 2.0, which will be a sequel to the hugely successful Hitachi version.

2. Kim: Couple of interesting facts about Kim. (1) Kim’s been blogging for 6 years (ya, you heard me right). and (2) Kim is also well known in the Bay Area for organizing art/geek events such as “Blogger Idol 2.0” where bloggers get to sing/dance their way to stardom. Well, I dont know if I got that right? However, I look forward to the next Blogger Idol event!

3. Nicole Simon: It was great meeting Nicole, author of three different weblogs and creator of a podcasting channel! Had an interesting conversation on the future of podcasting, videocasting and the death of television!

Feel free to check out Nicole’s many blog avatars here (personal), here (web 2.0) and here (podcast).

4. Greg Galant: Had a brief conversation with Gregory Galant, CEO of Radio Tail (blog), whose recent iMedia article I had discussed in this earlier post of mine.

…also had a chance to just say “Hi” to Chris Heuer, Kay Luo, Jeff Schwartz … I look forward to chatting more with them at future events.

Well, I did want to talk a little bit about this cool new data aggregator – netvibes that I started using recently, but I guess it’d take an entire post to describe what a great tool for marketers it is (think lead generation 2.0). So, stay tuned.

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Corporate Mediacasts – A Primer

I’m back on MarketingProfs’ DailyFix blog with my new post – “When YouTube met Corporate America…”. The following is a recap with minor modifications:

Many of you may have noticed a recent blog conversation initiated by Scoble last week, regarding video demos. Scoble cites many powerful reasons for corporate marketers to be paying attention to the power of multi-media. In his own words:

1. Cost: The investment needed here is so small it isn’t even funny.

2. Target Audience: Sizeable? In a pool as large as Microsoft has? I don’t think so. The audience sizes here are too small to make that claim directly. But I saw my videos get quoted in newspapers and on TV shows which went to millions of poeple. So, who knows?

3. Success Rate: Well, remember that Adobe Acrobat 8 video demo I put up last week? Turns out it had 50% more visits than our other podcasts last week.

4. Effectiveness: By the way, when I was in London, England, I met a company that changed its entire development methodology because of one of my video demos. So, anecdotally, at least, video is a pretty persuasive way to convince people that your new product or service rocks.

(Source: Scoble’s post and related comments)

Dave McClure, Master of 500 Hats chimes in, regarding a similar success:

We just uploaded the oDesk product demo to YouTube a few weeks ago, and almost instantly it was in the top 10 results on Yahoo for oDesk. darn impressive.

Over the past week, you may have also noticed a trend with the launch of web-based media shows such as Rev3 and the ScobleShow. It left me wondering how all this is going to impact the corporate marketing machinery (marketing collateral, events, etc…) that most Fortune 500 companies have assembled over time and what changes we may see in the near future.

If startups can leverage the enormous popularity of video collaboration sites like YouTube, surely tech behemoths can emulate their success. A cursory look at a Fortune 500 website throws opens enormous opportunities. Here are some areas multi-media will creep in (w/ appropriate links to samples of early-adopters):

1. Product Demos – Screencasts, Demo videos, Tutorials, Flash Demos

2. Customer Success – Case studies, Customer Videos, Partner Success

3. Investor Relations – ViewPoint

4. Training Videos – RedHat training videos

5. PR – Second Life

6. Events – Mockumentary, TV feed

If I were to pick an example of a company that’s been pretty forward thinking from a multi-media perspective, it’d have to be RedHat. Check out their comprehensive video site here.

As for Scoble’s suggestion, looks like Google did take him seriously and launched the official 49 second intro for Google Reader. Check it out below.

Interestingly enough, I found a much more descriptive 10 minute Google Reader demo uploaded by a user, reminding us once again of the power of user-created content! Check that out here.

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Blogger Talk – 10/01/06

Welcome to another episode of “Blogger Talk” — a series of posts where I corral stories of marketing bloggers that have happened in recent past or in some cases, happening as we speak. Let me start off, with two exciting marketing blogger “journeys” that are happening next month. And both of it is related to our fellow marketers; so cheers to the both of them —

1. Karl Long:

Our friend, Karl, of “Experience Curve” fame, has just been hired at Nokia (in what seems to be a really cool job description). What makes it all the more awesome is that he’s moving to San Francisco! Woohoo! One more blogger, to party with.

Here’s the official announcement from Karl:

The role i’m taking on is going to combine several of my very favorite things, the web, video games, and of course mobile phones (or multimedia computers as they are calling them now). I’m going to be working in the video game group, and my role will be about extending and integrating mobile gaming through the web, social media and multimedia.

Welcome to the Bay Area, Karl! Nice car, by the way and Good Luck on the road trip.

2. Christina Kerley a.k.a CK:

Another friend of ours, CK of CK’s blog, is going to be in the Bay Area in Oct 06 searching for Marketing Nirvana, as part of her “US tour” and I’m so excited to be meeting with her. Over the next month, Christina’s also going to meet with Mack, David, and Paul. Boy, would I be interested in reading her blog, to find out her impressions of marketing bloggers, the world over.

I also would like to take a moment to shine the light on some of the more interesting happenings in other part of our marketing blogosphere:

* Viral Garden:

Mack and David have come up with a great looking logo for the Top 25 Marketing Blogs profiled on Viral Garden.

I think it’s a great branding experience for all blogs to associate themselves with the Top 25 list. Kudos to Mack for building an “institution of marketing ideas” around the blogosphere and Thanks to David for the neat design.

* Logic+Emotion:

Speaking of David, close on the heels of his recent blog-accomplishments, David’s agency, Digitas, has won a slew of awards at the Mixx Awards held in NYC. Congratulations to the teams involved! Read more about it here.

* The Daily Fix:

Roy Young, Director of Strategy and Development for MarketingProfs, has co-authored “Marketing Champions“, a must-have book for all corporate marketers. Here’s what Philip Kotler, considered by many to be “the world’s foremost expert on the strategic practice of marketing”, thinks of the book:

Much has been written about the importance of using marketing principles and tools effectively. But we’ve paid far less attention to how marketing works within an organization. This book really delivers on this much-neglected subject – sounding a wake-up call to marketers everywhere on how to exert their influence and improve their contribution to the cash flow.

Enough said. Feel free to check out further details here.

In unrelated news: I’ve had a ton of fun, scrolling through a bunch of cool links that Jeremiah‘s posted earlier today. My favorite was the Beck Puppets video posted on Jeremy Zawodny‘s site.

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