Google Marketing Search – Zeitgeist!


1. Marketing Zeitgeist:

Early last morning, Google released a new search-engine tool…well, here’s what they say it is:

Google Custom Search Engine or Google Coop a simple and straightforward product to use and understand. In a matter of minutes you can create a search engine that reflects your knowledge and interests; looks and feels like your own. You can even invite your friends and trusted community members to add to and help build your search engine.

I know what you’re thinking!

What if? We created a tool that could scour specific marketing weblogs and provided search results that would naturally be much more relevant for marketers such as ourselves.

What if? We chose 20 35 of our favorite oft-visited marketing weblogs…Let’s add

(i) the biggies — Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Tom Peters and Church of the Customer

(ii) the blogs from our very own marketing community — we’ve got Mack, Ann, CK, David, Eric, Karl, Mike. Of course, I’ve added Jeremiah‘s blog as well.

(iii) how about some… Coolzor, Tara, Jaffe, Brand Autopsy, Raj Setty, etc…

(iv) I just added another 15 cool marketing blogs to the search engine: Paul, Andy, Kim, Francois, Susan, Mike, Ozgur, Tricia, etc…

Wouldn’t this search engine reflect the Marketing Zeitgeist of tomorrow, because it’s scouring the minds of today’s thought leaders? Yes, it would. And here it is.

2. Search Me Now:

Without further ado, I give you The “Marketing Search Engine” that I created by adding the 20 35 marketing weblogs I mentioned above. Search here.

Example: Here’s a comparison of search results based on (a) traditional Google search and (b) the newly created custom-made Marketing Search Engine.

a. Traditional Google search for “web 2.0”
# of results: 205 million
Top results: o’reilly, wikipedia, digital web magazine, web 2.0 work group, etc…

b. Custom-Made “Marketing Search” for “web 2.0”
# of results: 100
Top results: iMedia, Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Eric Kintz, etc…

Note: If you’ve some problems adding new sites to your custom-made search engine, it may be due to Firefox 2. I re-tried adding some troublesome weblogs/websites via IE and it worked.

3. Call to Action:

Feel free to create your own custom-made marketing search engines that would focus on niche marketing categories such as web 2.0 or marketing communications or customer references and be sure to share it with the community.

I’d also encourage all of you to contribute to this newly created marketing search engine by adding marketing blogs that you enjoy reading. Click here.

Quick Update: Raj Setty has a post on Google Custom Search Engine here.

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  1. 5 Interesting Marketing Blog Posts « Marketing Nirvāna — by Mario Sundar

    […] Mike recently contemplated the possibilities for local and niche businesses through Google Co-Op, which allows us to “harness the power of Google search technology to create a free Custom Search Engine that reflects specific interests”. […]

  2. Mario Sundar

    Definitely, Francois.

    Emergence Marketing is surely one of my favorites and hopefully those who use the marketing search tool will benefit from the search results that features your blog as well.


  3. Mario Sundar

    Hi Mike,

    Putting together the search tool is easy, but I think maintaining it is going to be the tough part. I’ll try updating it as often as I can.

    Please feel free to add any of your favorite marketing blogs to the project when you have a minute.

    Google Co-Op is definitely is a unique way to slice-and-dice as well as search for specific marketing content.


  4. Francois Gossieaux


    This is cool…thanks for including me!


  5. Mike Sansone

    Great stuff, Mario. How long did this project take? Ooh the possibilities for local and niche small businesses!

  6. Mario Sundar

    Oops, Paul…

    I just remedied that by adding “Hee-Haw”. Actually, if you feel there are other blogs I’m missing please feel free to contribute to the search-engine by adding to it. Thanks for letting me know.


    I’d like to extend the invitation to you as well. Please do let me know if I’ve missed important marketing blogs or you may add missing marketing blogs to the search engine I just created.


  7. Mack Collier

    Great idea Mario, you did include Marketing Nirvana, right?

  8. Paul McEnany

    Damnit Mario! Where’s HeeHaw? 🙂

  9. Ann Handley

    Really interesting Mario. I gotta play with this….

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