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I was planning a post on podcasting (…again) but instead decided to make this a brief post on the event that was organized yesterday by proud parent Yahoo! at their headquarters in Sunnyvale.

(From l – r: Me, Nicole, Jeremiah, Chris, Kim)

I crept in towards the close (Thanks, Jeremiah, for the reminder) but I was glad I did since I got another opportunity to meet a bunch of cool bloggers. Here’s the “who’s whom” I met:

1. Dave McClure – The Master of 500 hats himself: It’s always great chatting with Dave. Currently he is building buzz around a new startup he’s focused on – oDesk. They have a very interesting premise to their business and one that truly proves that the world is indeed flat. Check out more on oDesk here.

Co-incidentally, oDesk will host the next version of Lunch 2.0, which will be a sequel to the hugely successful Hitachi version.

2. Kim: Couple of interesting facts about Kim. (1) Kim’s been blogging for 6 years (ya, you heard me right). and (2) Kim is also well known in the Bay Area for organizing art/geek events such as “Blogger Idol 2.0” where bloggers get to sing/dance their way to stardom. Well, I dont know if I got that right? However, I look forward to the next Blogger Idol event!

3. Nicole Simon: It was great meeting Nicole, author of three different weblogs and creator of a podcasting channel! Had an interesting conversation on the future of podcasting, videocasting and the death of television!

Feel free to check out Nicole’s many blog avatars here (personal), here (web 2.0) and here (podcast).

4. Greg Galant: Had a brief conversation with Gregory Galant, CEO of Radio Tail (blog), whose recent iMedia article I had discussed in this earlier post of mine.

…also had a chance to just say “Hi” to Chris Heuer, Kay Luo, Jeff Schwartz … I look forward to chatting more with them at future events.

Well, I did want to talk a little bit about this cool new data aggregator – netvibes that I started using recently, but I guess it’d take an entire post to describe what a great tool for marketers it is (think lead generation 2.0). So, stay tuned.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul McEnany says:

    Jeez…6 years of blogging? That’s like 40 years in blog time.


  2. Min Jung says:

    Yes yes, I know.

    Lap-Pop! is less about singing and more about just being in a performance arts space.
    Usually it’s readings and blog/story telling mischief.

    And maybe other silliness,

    Totally fun meeting you!


  3. Mario Sundar says:

    Exactly, Paul.
    That was my reaction as well…

    Thanks for clarifying. I look forward to seeing YouTube videos of the event.

    Wish you the best.



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