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Blogger Talk – 10/01/06

Welcome to another episode of “Blogger Talk” — a series of posts where I corral stories of marketing bloggers that have happened in recent past or in some cases, happening as we speak. Let me start off, with two exciting marketing blogger “journeys” that are happening next month. And both of it is related to our fellow marketers; so cheers to the both of them —

1. Karl Long:

Our friend, Karl, of “Experience Curve” fame, has just been hired at Nokia (in what seems to be a really cool job description). What makes it all the more awesome is that he’s moving to San Francisco! Woohoo! One more blogger, to party with.

Here’s the official announcement from Karl:

The role iโ€™m taking on is going to combine several of my very favorite things, the web, video games, and of course mobile phones (or multimedia computers as they are calling them now). Iโ€™m going to be working in the video game group, and my role will be about extending and integrating mobile gaming through the web, social media and multimedia.

Welcome to the Bay Area, Karl! Nice car, by the way and Good Luck on the road trip.

2. Christina Kerley a.k.a CK:

Another friend of ours, CK of CK’s blog, is going to be in the Bay Area in Oct 06 searching for Marketing Nirvana, as part of her “US tour” and I’m so excited to be meeting with her. Over the next month, Christina’s also going to meet with Mack, David, and Paul. Boy, would I be interested in reading her blog, to find out her impressions of marketing bloggers, the world over.

I also would like to take a moment to shine the light on some of the more interesting happenings in other part of our marketing blogosphere:

* Viral Garden:

Mack and David have come up with a great looking logo for the Top 25 Marketing Blogs profiled on Viral Garden.

I think it’s a great branding experience for all blogs to associate themselves with the Top 25 list. Kudos to Mack for building an “institution of marketing ideas” around the blogosphere and Thanks to David for the neat design.

* Logic+Emotion:

Speaking of David, close on the heels of his recent blog-accomplishments, David’s agency, Digitas, has won a slew of awards at the Mixx Awards held in NYC. Congratulations to the teams involved! Read more about it here.

* The Daily Fix:

Roy Young, Director of Strategy and Development for MarketingProfs, has co-authored “Marketing Champions“, a must-have book for all corporate marketers. Here’s what Philip Kotler, considered by many to be “the world’s foremost expert on the strategic practice of marketing”, thinks of the book:

Much has been written about the importance of using marketing principles and tools effectively. But we’ve paid far less attention to how marketing works within an organization. This book really delivers on this much-neglected subject – sounding a wake-up call to marketers everywhere on how to exert their influence and improve their contribution to the cash flow.

Enough said. Feel free to check out further details here.

In unrelated news: I’ve had a ton of fun, scrolling through a bunch of cool links that Jeremiah‘s posted earlier today. My favorite was the Beck Puppets video posted on Jeremy Zawodny‘s site.

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12 Responses

  1. karl long says:

    Wow, thanks Mario, what a great post, I mean apart from the fact that I was in it, it was a really thoughtful and community building post. I’m sure Mack will be proud of you ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be in touch once i’m in the bay area for sure.



  2. David Armano says:

    I’m Jealous. Now you guys get to hang out and stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey Mario, when are you gonna get that Top 25 logo on?


  3. Mario Sundar says:


    Thanks for the compliment. Mack, surely is a role model I wish to emulate.

    Welcome to the blogging community here. Let me know if you need any help once you get here.



  4. Mario Sundar says:


    When are you going to travel to the west coast?

    As for the logo, I just realized that since I go with the free template at WordPress, apparently I don’t have much flexibility adding html code to the user interface. I plan on contacting the WordPress team to figure out what my options are.

    Good job on the logo, David.


  5. CK says:

    Hey Mario: Thanks for this great list of “happenings”. How fun! Now that Karl’s going to be in SF, maybe we should have him meet up with us while I’m there. Not sure if he’ll be there yet, though.

    Whatcha think?
    – ck


  6. Mack Collier says:

    Mario I was nodding in agreement as you referred to Karl and CK each as ‘our’ friend ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW I still think we all need to meetup at SXSW next March.


  7. Mario Sundar says:


    Of course, let’s find out if Karl can join us in SF.

    Look forward to seein ya.


  8. CK says:

    I’m up for SXSW in March. Paul (Hee-Haw) is there, too. And I shall be at ComiCon in Feb right here in NYC…which I’m twisting Mack’s arm to be at as well.

    Any other takers?


  9. Mario Sundar says:

    Hi Mack,

    SXSW… Is that the event in Austin, TX? Surely worth planning in advance. It’d surely be good to see all the marketing bloggerati in 1 place.



  10. Mario Sundar says:

    Hey CK,

    ComiCon sounds like fun! I’m definitely going to consider that, since I’m a big movie buff myself.

    Seems like we bloggers may see each other quite often next year. I look forward to that.



  11. David Armano says:

    Don’t know when I’ll be out west. I used to get our there (Palo Alto) when I worked on HP. But if a trip happens, I’ll let you know.

    I always have an excuse to got to NY, since I have family thereโ€”so let me know if y’all get together there.


  12. Mario Sundar says:

    That’d be great, David. Keep us posted.

    Maybe we can meet at some big event like SXSW…Maybe?



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