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Quick Update: Post-mortem of ScobleShow by Scoble. As I’d mentioned in this post, he agrees that RSS feeds was one of the things that needed to be corrected and has remedied that situation (RSS feed – Scoble Show).

He also solicits inputs for tech luminaries who could be interviewed on his show. I think Guy Kawasaki would be the ultimate choice from a marketing/Bay Area perspective.

I’ve been looking forward to the imminent release of Scoble’s new show – The ScobleShow, ever since Jeremiah mentioned it and voila — here it is.

I know the challenges inherent in creating a podcast, and more so for a vlog, so I’m just going to stick with the basics and highlight the good. Here’s my take:

i) The Good: Production Quality, broken down into parts, the interview w/ Thomas Hawk.

ii) The Not-So-Good: too long, more editing, hidden RSS feeds?, confusing homepage navigation, lack of a production schedule is a tad confusing,

iii) What iLike to see: OK, here’s what I’d love to see more, since I’m a marketing fanatic, I’d love to see interviews w/ marketing pioneers like Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin. Maybe have a recurring piece on the new-wave of tech marketers/bloggers like Tara, Jeremiah, Damon, Eric, etc… Wouldn’t that be cool?

Imagine Guy, Scoble, and Godin discuss the evolution of tech marketing.

Enough said, here’s Scoble’s intro to the show. I love the fact that he’s eager to get feedback and make it even better. Way to go, Scoble! Can’t wait to follow the show’s evolution.

Check out the trailer below and as marketers what do YOU think of the show?

(Source:;, Trailor Editors:Ryanne and Jay)

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4 Responses

  1. Huan says:

    Merry Christmas 🙂


  2. abdoul rahim says:

    je suis au burkina j’ai des interessant


  3. Dinca Maria Teodora says:

    Scoby, chiar daca in desen esti un fricos eu te iubesc ! Spunei si lui Daphne ca imi place de ea.Fred este preferatul meu. Si de Velma imi place, dar mai putin.Pe Shaggy n-ul pot suporta.
    Va pup pe toti!


  4. Mario Sundar says:

    I just get the feeling that the above 3 comments are spam ones 😦 Gonna ignore it, since I don’t quite get the language!


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