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As I welcomed this Labor Day earlier this week, I was trying to beat back my Fears of Blogging. Every time, I have a case of blogger’s block, I know what to do — post my favorite reads over the past couple of weeks. It’s an idea that has been beaten to death, but nevertheless helps overcome the Fear.

To help you beat your “Blogger’s block” over the next three days, here are three posts that I enjoyed and that I hope will keep you busy, while you decide what’s the best topic for your next post.

1. For Wednesday — The Zen of 2.0

A nice write-up on the evolution of the social web. It’s interesting to see where fellow bloggers, like Scott Karp, stand on the “debate over” 2.0. I’d initially named this blog Marcom v3.0! (I know), and soon realized that I didn’t want to encumber my blog w/ passing fads. I guess Marketing Nirvana just about sums up the rationale behind why I started this blog and the zen of 2.0, just about sums up the evolution of the web, circa 2006.

2. For Thursday — K.I.S.S – Pinko Marketing

Discussion between my good friends, Damon Billian & Jeremiah Owyang on Pinko Marketing! What is Pinko Marketing? A term popularized by Tara Hunt, and hugely influenced by the Cluetrain (of which I am a big fan), here’s the official definition (iThink?):

This is Pinko Marketing. Marketing of the people. The commons. The community. People choose what should be supported, spread and how it should be talked about. It is the marketing manager’s job now to support them in their endeavours.

To me, Pinko sounds like the “democratization of marketing”, or closer to Community Marketing? Or is there a difference between the two? To decide for yourself, here’s the Pinko wiki.

I don’t know if the name Pinko accurately describes what it’s about, other than being effeminate, but Tara has already thrown down the gauntlet towards renaming it, so if you’ve a better alternative, feel free to suggest. Our very own, Michael Wagner has suggested Improv Marketing.

3. For Friday — The Guy Post:

Slow news day; Friday — let the good times roll and sit back with Guy Kawasaki’s Geek week post. The post is an interesting potpourri of ideas from audio interviews to the Top 10 Best Presentations Ever with a sprinkling of some good ol’ evangelizing.

If the above three remedies don’t work, try this.

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