Wanna have Lunch 2.0?

Close on the heels of my Stupid 2.0 post, here’s an invitation to a Bay Area geek/marketing fest being put together by my good friend Jeremiah at Hitachi Data Systems. For those who’re wondering, what the heck is Lunch 2.0? Here’s a primer:

It’s a Web Expo and a free lunch all rolled into one! Check out ten web companies that will show off their data-intensive websites at this upcoming Lunch 2.0 –and yes, this is a free event to all attendees and exhibitors. It’s all happening on Tuesday, September 12th.

Who should attend?
* Geeks
* Tech Marketers
* More Geeks
* To meet Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk, Shel Israel
* And, there shall be music by Pandora

When is it?
Sep 12 (Tue Noon — It’s Free Lunch!)

How do you get there?
Map this

How do you register?
RSVP by adding a comment at the end of this post. It’s that simple.

I’m going to be there to check out some cool new technology (the inner geek in me is excited) and to meet good friends Damon, Shel, Hawk and Jeremiah!

Be there!

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  1. Lunch 2.0 » Reminder: Lunch 2.0 ‘Web Expo’ this Tuesday at Hitachi Data Systems

    […] It’s bound to be an international affair since signups are already coming in from folks as far away as Ireland, United Kingdom, Japan, and Taiwan. Many a luminary have helped spread the word, read what they wrote: Robert Scoble, Adam Darowski, Martin McKeay, Marc Cantor, Mario Sundar, Anil Gupta, Thomas Hawk, Damon Billian, Scott Beal, and the Zooomr gang. Last but not least, the host bloggers at Hitachi Data Systems are also helping to spread the news, such as CTO Hu Yoshida, Chris Salazar, Julio Garcia, and Community Manager Jeremiah Owyang. […]

  2. Mario Sundar

    LOL, He’s doin his job! Don’t you wanna be on his show?

    Jokes Apart, Shel! Look forward to meetin-and-chattin w/ you soon.


  3. shel israel

    Wait a minute. No one told me Scoble was going to be there. He better not stick that $%&%## camera in my face.

  4. Mario Sundar

    Sure thing, Jeremiah.

    Kudos on your event management skills.

    Thanks for pointing out the directions, I get lost everytime I get there! 🙂

    See you on the 12th.

  5. Jeremiah Owyang

    FYI the Entrance is on Lafayette NOT central. Maps don’t show it well, so I reccomend using this map in addition


  6. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Lunch 2.0 ‘Web Expo’ Blowout at Hitachi Data Systems

    […] Mario Sundar […]

  7. Jeremiah Owyang

    Thanks Mario

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you there!

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