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‘Are we there yet?’ Party!

Quick Update: Well, Marketing Nirvana’s just got TechMeme’d as part of the “TechCruncher’s Ball” discussion.

Whoa! Another Silicon Valley “Web 2.0 Movers & Shakers” event (750 registered attendees!). Is this Bubble 2.0 or are we on the cusp of a huge tech revolution?

But I digress, the event was a great opportunity to meet good ol’ friends – Shel, Jeremiah and Tracy as well as meet a few new friends.

from l – r; Hawk, Shel, and me
(Source: Jeremiah Owyang)

Here are some more cool folks I had a chance to chat with:

1. Guy Kawasaki (Garage Technology Ventures): It has been a long time since I made my acquaintance with “the guy” himself, at an AMA event. If you’re an avid reader of his blog (such as I am) you’ll notice that Guy’s back with some really informative posts.

Being an “essayist” kind of blogger (as I aspire to be), we share similar concerns on how long these posts take to get done. I look forward to many more conversations, Guy.

2. Robert Scoble (Podtech): Yes, Scobleizer was there too, easing into his role as blogger/vlogger. Chatted up podcasts, vlogging etc… with him. It was great to get some think-time on where he saw the medium going.

3. Will Pate (Flock): Flock is a browser where Firefox intersects with Myspace & the rest of the social networking blogosphere. Will is the community ambassador at Flock – here’s a Flock snapshot back in the day, and was eager and enthusiastic about demoing and answering questions.

4. Scott Brooks (Concept Share):

from l – r; Scott, Tracy and me
(Source: Jeremiah Owyang)

Scott is the evangelist/co-founder at Concept Share, a god-send to designers & ad agencies to coordinate design projects with their clients. Pretty cool idea. Coming from an agency background, I can understand the benefits that’d accrue to the design community from freelance designers to larger ad agencies.

Also had a chance to meet-and-greet Gabe Rivera (TechMeme), Thomas Hawk (Zooomr), John Furrier (Podtech), Scott Beale (Laughing Squid), and Craig Donato (Oodle).

If you want more pics, check out the entire Flickr set here.

Also, check out cool party updates from Thomas Hawk, Jeremiah Owyang, Guy Kawasaki, Robert Scoble, Scott Beale, Dead 2.0, Vincent Lauria, Alex Moskalyuk, Noah Kagan and of course, the man himself – Michael Arrington.

Thanks, Michael, for putting together a fantastic event. Good luck on recreating the magic in New York!

Trivia: The event was held at August Capital on famed Sand Hill Road, “a symbol of private equity in the United States that may be compared to that of Wall Street in the stock market.”

Also, for several years during the dotcom boom of the late 1990s, commercial real estate on Sand Hill Road was more expensive than almost anywhere else in the world.

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  1. […] Who else attended: Robert Scoble, Dave McClure, Rob Christensen, Martin Wells, David Beach, Guy Kawasaki, Jeremiah Owyang, Thomas Hawk, Scott Beale, Mario Sundar. […]


  2. Meetings like that hardly ever happen here in Des Moines, Iowa!

    Sure we get a presidential candidate every now and again. But I would rather meet Guy Kawasaki.

    And I am with you on getting postings done. They have to grow inside me for so long. Perhaps there is some kind of “miracle grow” I can spray on them like I do my tomatoes?

    Always good to read you and learn from the conversations you extend.

    Keep creating,


  3. Paul McEnany says:

    Jeez…I’m so jealous! I need to go west.


  4. Dead2.0 says:

    My Web 2.0 Part-AY experience

    For some people, Friday night is the night to go out.  Had a long week, rally with the troops, get a few drinks, and get out on the town, hoping to get a little ac-shun at the local brewpub, bridge-and-tunnel club, or after-hours lounge.
    For others, i…


  5. Mario Sundar says:

    Hi Mike & Paul,

    Yep, Guy & Scoble are both really cool marketers (ya, I think Scoble’s a marketer too) who are super-passionate about what they do.

    Will & Scott belong to the new generation of evangelists. It was great to see all of them at the same time.



  6. Ann Handley says:

    I’m sensing a blog post about how long it takes us “essayist” bloggers to distill a single post….I look at guys like Mack and David Armano or Seth Godin (who post, like, 30 times a day, it seems) and I’m in awe…..


  7. Mario Sundar says:

    Tell me about it, Ann.

    From my experience, its been tough trying to convert myself into a non-essayist blogger! I’ve tried 😦

    More power to the super-bloggers! LOL


  8. Eric Tompson says:

    That’s awesome… wish I could attend one of those someday. I know Guy Kawasaki, and have read him a lot. He’s brilliant, I’d love to meet me him in person, as well as loads of other people.
    New York Real Estate


  9. Mario Sundar says:

    Hi Eric,

    Too bad you missed it, but I’m sure you can meet up with Guy when he speaks at events in NYC.

    As for your blog on real-estate, you may have read Scoble’s recent post on the increase in real-estate blogs as the next big thing.

    Keep blogging!


  10. […] Are we there yet Party? was the blog post I penned and it was both a summary of my experience chatting with fellow bloggers Scoble, Kawasaki, Shel, Thomas Hawk, Scott Beale and meeting so many others. I’d definitely recommend your attending it this year since I think it’s bound to be BIGGER. Here are some TechMeme conversations culled from a year in the past. […]


  11. […] the year-after-the-hype. Last year, upon my return from TechCrunch 8, I asked the question “Is this Bubble 2.0?” because obviously all the excitement and enthusiasm of the preceding day’s TechCrunch […]


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