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SOAP Dollar$

Update: Check out MarketingProfs on how much I think SoaP is going to make this weekend. As a bonus, you also get to read Mack’s take!

So, how about a pop-quiz, before we start off this awesome week in August. Tons of blogosphere ink has been spilt on what’s assumed to be the greatest buzz marketing campaign ever. Snakes on a Plane or SOAP in short has spawned a barrage of user-made videos, a blog, contests, millions of articles from the mainstream media (here’s my favorite from Esquire) to mass hysteria on the blogosphere.

What’s important however is to remind ourselves that all this brouhahah better mean something in the only race that matters — the race for the top spot on opening weekend which is August 18th. Now, I’m a big movie afficionado and my guess is that SOAP is gonna make anywhere between $30 – $40 million.

Here’s a poll from one of my favorite movie websites –

How much do you think SOAP will make on opening weekend? Chris?

Take a guess. Post your comment here. It’ll be interesting to see if we marketers are right on the money.

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4 Responses

  1. Mack Collier says:

    Mario I’d like to see it break-even on opening weekend, so I’ll go with that.

    I read your piece on Daily Fix, and I think you’re right, there’s probably not anywhere near 50 million blogs. But at the same time, bloggers can be INCREDIBLY passionate about an idea that they get behind.

    I think the bigger question is, if SoaP has a monster opening weekend (and IMO anything over 15 million is monster, but in terms of media play, I think hitting 30 million and breaking even would qualify), then how will the media and studios explain that this happened?

    That Sam is now a bonafide Hollywood superstar? That SoaP marks the fact that ‘B-Movies’ are now the new black(cringing)? Or will they see that this is a sign that embracing and empowering your communities and involving them in your marketing plan is the way to go?

    I’m hoping for the latter, and that’s why I’d love to see SoaP post a blowout number.


  2. Mario Sundar says:

    I believe it’ll break even over the course of its entire run. However, what SoaP has shown is a brave-new-way for movie marketers to cater to their target audience.

    For ex. a case in point would be the unspoken success of Step-Up that released last week to open at 2nd spot. Why do you think it did so well: Myspace and marketing-to-the-choir.

    Times have changed and movie marketing is never going to be the same again.


  3. Joseph Denzel says:

    Super Mario,

    Great post. It’s great to see covering both of your passions: movies and marketing.

    I agree the hype created by web users around the world for a movie is intriguing and hints at an evolving trend. If I may add a new somewhat-tangential commentary, similar level of “hype” has been leveraged for political uses (think Howard Dean’s campaign) as well.

    Think this is a valid comparison?


  4. Mario Sundar says:


    Thanks! And, you’re right, politics is BIG in the blogosphere (Huffington, Drudge Report, etc…).

    I don’t know if Howard Dean’s campaign is analogous to SoaP, but I know that politicians have to be wary of the blogosphere – think “Macaca”! 🙂

    Hope to see you more often. Look forward to seeing you start a blog soon.


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