Link Lovers (August 06)

Taking a cue from my good blogger friend, Paul McEnany, I’d like to start off this week with links to ten of my favorite marketing posts in recent times. Also, I just added my entire blogroll to my Technorati favorites. If you have a Technorati account, feel free to add Marketing Nirvana to your Technorati favorites. Much appreciated.

Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite marketing posts of August 06 :

1. Mack Collier: What kind of a blogger are you? The Godfather or the Diamond in the rough? Take a read and decide for yourself.

2. Tricia Mangan: Corporate Blogging in the Music Industry? You think it’s bad in the high-tech industry, take a trip down blogging blues within the music industry.

3. Emergence Marketing: Francois’ link to a MarketingSherpa study on Corporate Blogging rules. Do the results support the need for corporate blogging? Check out the lukewarm results for yourself here.

4. Karl Long: At the Future Lab Blog, Karl from Experience Curve contemplates the 3 rules for Viral Marketing. A must-read for all viral marketers.

5. Mike Wagner: From Marketing Nirvana to Marketing Porn! I know…you want to read more.It’s alright. Go ahead!

6. David Armano: For all you bloggers running around like headless chickens wondering what to blog and what not to, David’s got a great post on taking a break. I hear you, David.

7. Church of the Customer: More SOAP Craziness. Brace yourself for a barrage of blog posts as the darling of the blogosphere, releases on August 18th. It’ll be interesting to see to what extent the buzz amplifies BO results.

8. Creating Passionate Users: Have a product you don’t utilize to it’s fullest capacity. You’re not alone. This post made me re-think my decision to buy a digital SLR camera. Pretty Powerful, eh? Check it out here.

Two of my Bay Area friends/marketers have re-ignited their blogging and boy, does it look exciting:

9. Tracy Sheridan: from Waxxi is back in the blogging saddle. Can’t wait to hear her thoughts on the evolving podcasting industry.

10. Damon Billian: a fellow clue-train fan and community marketer par excellence (think eBay, SimplyHired, etc…). Here’s to future conversations via his blog.

Also here’s wishing our very own Mack, all the best in cracking the Technorati Top 100!

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  1. Mario Sundar

    You said it right, Paul.

    I’ll keep reading your blog if you just blog about the parties you attend 🙂

    And, I can’t wait to hear your concepts on community marketing. Keep blogging.


  2. Mario Sundar

    Amen to that, Mack.

    However, you’re closer to the Top 100 and so I’m rooting for you.

  3. Damon Billian

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for the mention. Now let’s hope that I can actually say something worthwhile out there;-) I also appreciate the post because I can now check some other blogs out!

  4. Paul McEnany

    I love it when my favorite bloggers shed a little link love like this. It’s by far the easiest way to expand the community and find new content.


  5. Mack Collier

    Thanks for the add Mario, I’ve added you, and hopefully everyone else will and we can BOTH join the Top 100!

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