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Purple Cowasaki and 5 other ponderables

As most bloggers do, i’ve decided to enlist my 6 favorite links of the past month around the topic of marketing/advertising/pr.

First off, for those of you fans of Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin you’re in for a 10-question treat. Guy interviewed Seth this week on his blog and the result was a marketilicious treat.

Check out why Guy thinks he’s a purple cowasaki here.

Here are a 5 more interesting links that are worth pondering:

(i) Eric Kintz – “How real is Consumer Generated Media?“: 100 million videos/day, 50 million new blogs, 75 million music lovers… where would you rather be as a marketer?

(ii) Tara Hunt – “Fear of Unfamous“: What’s the common anxiety for most creators — catering to their target audience at the expense of creativity?! Read more about how to beat the blogging blues…

(iii) Jeremiah Owyang – “Mainstream Marketers figuring out Blogging“: Has your Fortune 500 company added blogging to the traditional marketing mix. Or are they gonna be late to the party…again?

(iv) Steve Rubel – “Is Steve Jobs eyeing the corporate podcast market?“: As a corporate podcaster myself, this is great news since it adds credibility to the podcasting industry itself.

In related news, check out an innovative primer on podcasting by Ralston360 (via Church of the Customer).

(v) Doc Searls – A 95′ essay on “The New Marcom Game” probably before the Cluetrain. Shows you how some of the ideas originated. Fascinating & prescient. A must-read.

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4 Responses

  1. Purple Cowasaki –lol.


  2. Mario Sundar says:

    Guy has a way with words and I thought “Purple Cowasaki” was just plain hilarious!



  3. Mack Collier says:

    Wow no one from the Viral Community impressed you?


  4. Mario Sundar says:

    Hey Mack,
    I thought Eric was a part of our Viral Community!?

    Jokes apart, I’d planned more community links in my forthcoming posts… I just wanted to space my posts.

    Good luck on the job hunt. Any thoughts of moving to the Bay Area?


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