The Anti-Marketing Event

The Event:
Yesterday’s event in Menlo Park was a great opportunity to find out what’s brewing in the minds of the best-of-the-best from tech/marketing/pr in the Silicon Valley. Some of the old friends I met: Shel Israel: Always the “life of the party“, Shel is embarking on a tour-de-globe to craft his new book “Global Neighborhoods“. I look forward to hearing about his experiences once he returns in October. Wishing Shel, the very best!

I also got a chance to meet Tracy Sheridan from Waxxi — the interactive podcasting service, and of course, Jeremiah.

Here are some of the cool new friends I made at this event: Damon Billian (Community Marketing), Jeremy Pepper (PR), Jackie Danicki (who brought together this event), Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells (from BrainJam) , Alan Young, Meredith Dodge, and Ramit Sethi (PBWiki)

The Anti-Marketer:
Jeremiah had a neat write-up this morning on some of the questions we new-age marketers face from the tech-side. There seems to be a preponderance of thought that all “marketers are liars” (Thanks, Seth). Damon, Jeremiah and I, made the case that marketing is changing, re-inventing itself, and we hope to be at the forefront of that. What do you say, fellow marketers?

The debate was very similar to my earlier post responding to Doc Searls’ assertions that Marketing/PR is gonna die. My answer is Nope. Aint’ happening, but marketing IS changing dramatically, and we new-age marketers are glad it is. Also, my second post on MarketingProfs – Top 10 CMO blogs has 10 Comments. So feel free to participate in the discussion on what really is a CMO blog.

Event Pics:
Before I forget, here are Jeremiah’s pics of yesterday’s event. For more, check out all the event pics at Flickr.

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  3. Mario Sundar

    Thanks for your conscientious blogging and your timely uploading of pics. Appreciate it.

    I couldn’t agree more w/ you on the purpose of Marketing. We are the noise-busters! 🙂


  4. Jeremiah Owyang

    The purpose of Marketing is to connect customers with products –in the past the game was to put noise on top of noise.

    The next wave of marketers must learn how to connect with customers without the noise.

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