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The State of the C.M.O Blog

MarketingProfs Daily Fix post

Alrighty then… I’m back at MarketingProfs Daily Fix with my next post — one that combines my two interests: Marketing and Corporate Blog rankings.

I’ve ranked the Top 10 Corporate Marketing Blogs out there in the blogosphere. I was also excited to find our good friend and fellow MP Daily Fix Blogger – Eric Kintz come in at #3. Awesome, Eric. Way to go!

Apart from that, I’ve also initiated a discussion around the topic of C-level executives blogging, so just head over there and participate.

Click here to join the discussion.

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5 Responses

  1. Eric Kintz says:

    Thanks Mario! I really appreciate the recognition!
    3 corporate marketing blogs that I would recommend: Dan Greenfield at Bernaisesource, Peter Kim at Forrester Marketing blog and Will Waugh at ANA Marketing Maestros.

    Love your lists btw!


  2. Mario Sundar says:

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for the links. I plan on adding them to the NewPRWiki to be monitored.

    Once again, congrats on setting a great example w/ your corporate blog.


  3. Ann Handley says:

    Mario — You really have a way of sparking conversation. Nice job. 🙂


  4. CK says:

    Good post; I left my comments over at ‘The Fix’. Like I said there, please do keep on top of this list…I’m sure hoping it grows by leaps and bounds over the next 12 months.


  5. Mario Sundar says:

    Thanks, Ann & CK.

    CK: Do let me know if you’re interested in helping maintain these C-level blog rankings. I’m planning on updating them regularly on a Google Spreadsheet.

    Easton is helping out. Just let me know if you’re interested.


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