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Top 10 Geek Brands

Culled from Business Week – Interbrand’s Annual Top 100 Brand Rankings (via Yahoo! Biz):

I was able to gather an assortment of 13 geek brands (read high-tech/software/hardware/etc…) within the top 100.

Special Mention:

#13: Amazon (Rank 68)

#12: Yahoo (Rank 55)

#11: Ebay (Rank 47)

…and now for the Top 10 Geek Brands on the Planet:

#10: Apple (Rank 39)

#9: SAP (Rank 34)

#8: Oracle (Rank 29)

#7: Dell (Rank 25)

#6: Google (Rank 24)

#5: Cisco (Rank 18)

#4: HP (Rank 13)

#3: Intel (Rank 5)

#2: IBM (Rank 3)

#1: Microsoft (Rank 2)

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    Business Week, working with Interbrand, just did a list of the 100 leading global brands and none of the brands are Chinese. Based on its methodology, this should not be a surprise. The article states that to even qualify for


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