Yahoo! Corporate Blog – The Future?

In keeping with my latest obsession – Corporate Blogging, I give you — Yahoo’s spankin new Corporate blog. It looks like Yahoo!’s design team has reinvented the look-and-feel of the traditional corporate blog giving it a refreshing look with the Yahoo! palette (Yellow, Purple, etc…).

Kudos to “Paul Stamatiou for building this site, Annette Leong for designing it, Richard Morgenstein for shooting its mastheads”, and giving it a standout look-and-feel that dwarfs similar attempts by other corporations. Check out some of the initial reactions including Michael Arrington’s.

If you’re thinking — oh! no, not another corporate blog, Paul assuages your concerns:

I present to you Yodel Anecdotal, the corporate blog for Yahoo!. So I bet you’ve got flashes of Dell’s One2One corporate blog floating around and thoughts pondering whether Yahoo! already has a similar blog. Well I’m here to tell you that Yodel Anecdotal is completely different.

So how is Yodel Anecdotal different from the other corporate blogs on the block?:

Yodel Anecdotal is not the type of blog you visit to check if there’s a new API for that JavaScript library you so dearly love nor is it the kind of blog you go to get info on the company’s earnings reports. It’s what Yahoo! is all about – the culture, the traditions and some dabbling of current hot topics in the general tech realm.

You can also check out a snapshot of the process his team underwent in creating the web atmosphere for the blog. Check out Paul’s post here. Without further ado, run over to Yahoo!’s new official blog: Yodel Anecdotal!

To refresh your memory, my latest Top 10 Corporate Blog rankings placed Yahoo!’s erstwhile corporate blog at #3 and I wonder where Yodel Anecdotal will take them. Stay Tuned to Marketing Nirvana for the next version of my Top 10 Corporate Blog rankings. Wonder if Yahoo! and Dell may sneak in?

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  1. Mario Sundar

    that was YOU!!!

  2. Paul Stamatiou

    Haha you blogged about me long before we met, awesome!

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