The Doc hates Marketing!?

Alrighty then, I got my first post uploaded on MarketingProfs. It’s a response to a recent Doc Searls article on Markets without Marketing or as I see it: The Future of Marketing.

To read my entire response to Doc, check out my first MarketingProfs article: Doc Searls hates Marketing?!

Five Blog posts of related interest:

1. The initial post by Scoble that drew my attention to the Doc Searls article

2. Does Scoble hate Marketing?!

3. Our very own Mack Collier’s response to Doc

4. Tara Hunt’s response to Doc’s article that echoes my marketing sentiments

5. Hugh Macleod’s response to Doc — along similar lines

Happy Reading!

I’ll soon be out with the first iDea interview w/ Jeremiah Owyang. Stay tuned…

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