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MarketingProf. I am. Now.

Sorry for the ambigous yoda-speak. I can barely contain my excitement (how dramatic!?) on being invited by Ann Handley (over at MarketingProfs) to contribute on a regular basis for their blog – The Daily Fix. I’m all the more excited because I’ll be joining the ranks of Mack Collier, Karl Long, David Armano, Eric Kintz, Ann Handley herself, all members of our Viral Community and contributors at the Daily Fix.

Psyched. I am.
Firstly, a HUGE thanks to Ann for considering the content I’ve created over here at Marketing Nirvana as being enjoyable. More encouraging is the fact that she decided to add me to the roster of content-creators for the Daily Fix.

Marketing content. Exclusive.
I’ve decided to create exclusive content for MarketingProfs, which you won’t find here on my blog, because I think that way I’d be able to preserve the uniqueness of content on both blogs. Of course, I’ll be religiously updating Marketing Nirvana with information on my MarketingProfs posts. So do see me at both blogs.

U 2. Thanks.
Most importantly, thanks to the readers of this blog, whose contributions and participation enables me to tap both hemispheres of my marketing brain to create marketing content that you and I care about.

So stay tuned for my first post on Marketing Profs…

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7 Responses

  1. Mack Collier says:

    Congrats Mario, this really IS a big deal for you. I was thrilled when Ann invited me, and I know you are as well!

    Very well deserved, and Ms. Community shows once again that she is all over getting the internet’s smartest marketing minds at Daily Fix!


  2. Eric Kintz says:

    Nice job Mario! Welcome to the ultimate community!


  3. Mario Sundar says:

    Thanks, Mack and Eric, for the warm welcome to the MarketingProfs blogger community.

    I always felt at ease within our Viral Community of bloggers and consider this a great next step in our blogging conversation.



  4. Chris Thilk says:

    Congratulations Mario. One more all-star on the Daily Fix team.


  5. Mario Sundar says:

    Thanks, Chris, for your kind words.

    By the way, great write-up on Miami Vice. I can’t wait to catch the movie in theatres after all I’ve read via MMM.



  6. David Armano says:

    Yup. A great addition. It’s a no brainer. Good for DF, Good for you and good for your readers (which hopefully you get more of)



  7. Mario Sundar says:

    Thanks, David.

    I’m glad to be a part of the DF team.



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