Is Corporate Blogging bad for your brand?

— and how to protect your $ billion investment, your Corporate Brand.

Since today is Link Day, atleast on this blog, I thought I’ll provide 5 links to interesting articles on Corporate Blogging culled from the blogosphere:

1. Lessons in Corporate Blogging by Nick Carr on Business Week

2. Fortune 500s adopt blogs faster than Small Growing Companies by Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasions

3. As a continuation on data mining corporate blogs, I stumbled upon this list of British Corporate Blogs posted at Corante by Suw Charman, author of the Choc’n’Vodka blog.

4. How do Blogs affect brands and vice-versa by Zachary Rodgers at Clickz

5. Robert Scoble’s interview on Corporate Blogging (via Global PR Blog Week)

Happy Reading!

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