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Many Bloggers. 1 iDea. 1 Community.

iDea Interview Series questions. Last Call.

Many of the regular readers of the blog may recall the iDea series that I announced a month ago. For the uninitiated, iDea is a concept series of interviews I’ve conceived as a bridge between bloggers (marketing and tech). It’s essentially a set of 10 questions culled from many bloggers that I’d pose to a marketing influencer. The resulting interview will be podcast on the blog the following Monday. I’ll be conducting the first interview this weekend, with Jeremiah Owyang – web strategist and author of the “Web Strategist” blog.

I’d like to thank every blogger who’s been kind enough to send in their questions. I’d also like to make one last call for those who are still interested in participating in iDea. I’ll surely be highlighting the blogs of those who’re sending in questions, since after all, iDea is all about the community.

Here’s a sampling of questions:

What should companies blog about? Only the company and its products or more broadly? How to measure the return of those initiatives?

Send your questions to under the following format:
1. Question/s
2. Blogger
3. Blog

Jeremiah just returned from an invigorating Internet Strategies Symposium where he discussed Internet Marketing Strategies. He is currently in Oregon for the Webvisions conference. Seems like he’s all set to field any question of yours.

Moving forward, once the iDea Series audience reaches a critical mass, it may be ripe for LIVE multi-user podcasting! What do you say, Tracy? As I said, let the marketing iDeas explode.

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2 Responses

  1. Mario,

    I second the motion…let the iDeas explode. A perfect platform for participatory, interactive podcasting.

    Unsurprisingly, a brilliant idea. Bravo! We’re all for it.


  2. Mario Sundar says:

    Thanks for dropping by and supporting the iDea initiative. I look forward to the day, I can Waxxi — the iDea series.

    And for those of you not-yet-in-the-know, Waxxi stands for multi-user-podcasting. (Duh!)

    Hope to see you at the Technorati bash coming up, Tracy.


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