0 – 231 in 55 days

I originally envisioned this post as being another one of those “Yay-the-blog’s-growing-pretty-fast” posts but then restrained myself a bit and decided to re-focus on what’s really important: the community!

1. Our good friend, Karl Long of “Experience Curve” has just made it into Beyond Madison Avenue’s Top 25 Advertising Blogs, ahead of the closest competition by 50,000 spots. Way to go, Karl!

2. Ann Handley had this to say about MarketingProfs recent transformation.

We’re back now; we switched servers to make your experience better and smoother…! I had a rough time without my blog — but survived. Thanks for asking. : )

p.s. We also have a new domain: rather than blog.marketingprofs.com, we are now www.mpdailyfix.com.

See you ’round!

So they are back. And, they are BETTER. So head over to MarketingProfs for your daily fix of marketing coolness.

Oh, and one more thing: 231 is the number of RSS readers Marketing Nirvana has gained in the past 55 days. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to continue this conversation with the growing community of readers.

Thanks for all the support!

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  1. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Paul.

    It’s only because of co-bloggers like yourself that this growth has been possible.

    Hope you’re feeling better.
    Take care,

  2. Paul McEnany

    Congrats, Mario! You’re kicking some ass!

    Maybe you could loan a few subscriptions to me!


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