Top 10 Corporate Blogs (Technorati Ranked)

Quick Update: In related news, Nicholas Carr from Rough Type blog, just wrote an article in Business Week on Lessons in Corporate Blogging, taking a page from Dell’s recent blog-launch. Nicholas is an unbiased expert in the field and I greatly value his professional insight. This article is a case in point.

Back to Marketing Nirvana’s Top 10 Corporate Blogs post:

What do 3 Search Engines, 2 Software manufacturers, 2 Online Media learning companies, the World’s largest automaker, a Management Consultancy, and a British Tailor on Saville Row — have in common?

Ans: Marketing Nirvana’s Top 10 Corporate Blog Rankings (Technorati Powered)

#10: The Otter Group – Technorati: 11177

#9: English Cut – Technorati: 6715

#8: SunBelt Software – Technorati: 6247

#7: GM Fast Lane – Technorati: 2580

#6: Adobe Software – Technorati: 2352

#5: – Technorati: 1616

#4: Tom Peters – Technorati: 716

#3: Yahoo! Search – Technorati: 241

#2: O’Reilly Radar – Technorati: 141

#1: Google – Technorati: 27

Source: The New PR Wiki (conceptualized by Neville Hobson, which I discovered via Steve Rubel). Corporate Blog listings on the wiki currently maintained by Constantin Basturea. Thanks to Neville and Constantin for creating an invaluable resource for the blogosphere.

Also, a HUGE thanks to Jason Calacanis for the encouragement, to Eric Kintz for the inspiration and to my Viral Community for the support.

Methodology: I utilized the Corporate Blog listings on the NewPR Wiki and created a Google spreadsheet with the Top 100 Corporate Blogs. I then sorted them based on their Technorati rankings.

Request: If any of you are interested in volunteering to help maintain these lists (monthly), feel free to email me at This project consumed my whole week-end!

Also, watch-out for the Top 10 CEO Blogs (Technorati Powered) on Marketing Nirvāna, culled from the same source. Coming soon!

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  2. süper mario

    Its a popular trend nowadays to start a corporate blog even in small companies

  3. Topper

    Its a popular trend nowadays to start a corporate blog even in small companies. I have implemented a few for small business.

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  7. Mario Sundar


    It absolutely is. I also think it’s important to learn how to do it right. Besides having regular content, I think companies in the Top 10 know how to integrate content into the right distribution channels (including twitter). Will continue exploring these themes and sharing them on this blog.

  8. Cadence

    I think the increase in corporate blogging is creating a greater sense of transparency between companies and their publics. People want to hear what the “big guys” say and there is no surprise that large corporations such as Google are seeing high success rates from their corporate blogging. People want to know how to be successful or be relevant, so consequently, they want to hear what the powerful are saying. I think this is a trend that will continue to draw people connected to the social media world. Influence could be even more heightened in these corporate big dogs if they play their cards right.

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  11. Mario Sundar


    Those are not necessarily corporate blogs except for Google. But, I think it’s time for another ranking of corporate blogs in 2009.

  12. Sam Schuurman

    I was just wondering what you thought of the times top 25 blog list for 2009,,1879276,00.html

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  21. Mario Sundar

    Hi Blogistan,

    Glad you found the Top 10 Corporate Blogging list informative. Thanks for dropping by.

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  25. Mario Sundar

    Hi Easton,
    Thanks for dropping and for your constructive thoughts on how to improve further the Top 10 blog listings I recently started.

    My goal has been to provide the service of ranking the Top 10 corporate and CEO blogs (w/ the PRWiki as the source) per their current monthly status.

    It’d be great for the 2 of us to take this conversation further to discuss how better we can further add value to this process.

    Talk to you soon.

  26. BusinessBlogWire

    Are The Most Popular CEO and Corporate Blogs Really Any Good?

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  28. Mario Sundar

    That’d be great, Easton!

    I look forward to reading about it. I also plan on authenticating my earlier post on Top 10 CEO Blog rankings with Technorati. I’m curious to see those results as well.

    Keep reading.

  29. Easton Ellsworth

    Mario, great idea and I’ll post about it soon.

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