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The More; The Merrier

I had a few more well-wishers drop by the other day at the blog, wishing me well. I wanted to thank three of them, in particular, and respond to a few of their suggestions.

1. Matt Blumberg — CEO Return Path, Author of OnlyOnce blog

2. Sivaraman Swaminathan — Senior VP iContract, Author of Customer World blog

Congrats to Matt on being on my Top 10 CEO list, last month. I’m working on updating that list with actual Technorati numbers. Here’s hoping to see both Swami and Matt on that updated list. All the very best!

3. David Utter — Expert Author at WebProNews

Nice list; I particularly enjoy the blogs from Cuban, Meckler, and Schwartz.

The real trick will be to come up with a top ten that isn’t comprised of all tech industry CEOs. Mark Cuban still counts as one with HD Net, I think.

Imagine the insights someone like Procter & Gamble’s executives could provide on business and management, for example.

Thanks, David for dropping by, and for your kind words. You are absolutely right! I’m working on a Top 10 CEO Blog ranking that encompasses all fields apart from just tech-industry titans. I’m also working on a Top 10 Corporate Blog ranking which will be out very soon. And I just launched it. Check it out.

Keep reading and keep contributing. Have a great Sunday!

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