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Talk Like a Guru (Top 3 Video Clips)

Over the past few years I’ve had a steady diet of business knowledge from gurus who’ve excelled at thought leadership. I thought I’d list out my favorite three business gurus who have most influenced my way of thinking and why I think they’re awesome.

Also, I thought it’d be fun to link to 3 videos that will give you an accurate description of why I think they rock!

1. Steve Jobs: A tech iConoclast in the truest sense of the term. Jobs has broken just about every pre-conceived notion on how the high-tech industry should function and continues to set the gold-standard when it comes to his impeccable presentation skills. Till date, I listen to a Steve Jobs speech the day before making a pitch.

Video: I’m a BIG fan of all of Steve Jobs’ demos/keynote speeches at the Apple Conventions, but in particular I thought the commencement speech at Stanford, brought together the best in Steve Jobs. His thoughts are exemplary and the style is so unorthodox (for a commencement speech) yet effective. Easily my favorite Steve Jobs Presentation.

Watch Video (14.33) — Read Transcript

2. Jack Welch: “The Original Business Guru” whose ideas revolutionized GE and the world that revolved around GE.

His book “Straight from the Gut” introduced me to the “American Meritocracy” and his most recent book “Winning” (that I’m currently reading) offers valuable insight into career growth and management. There can only be one Jack Welch.

Video: Again a video in a college setting. Jack Welch is interviewed by Stanford GSB‘s Dean Robert Joss, which culminates in a Q&A session from the students. Affords great insight into the thinking and the style of a business guru who changed the way we thought about business.

Watch Video (63 mts.) — Read Summary

3. Guy Kawasaki: The only one from my Top 3 whom I’ve actually met. I’ve also had a chance to appreciate Guy’s blog regularly ever since he started. Guy’s blog is a must-read for anyone interested in learning something every day about Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Thanks, Guy, for inspiring.

Video: I’ve seen Guy’s presentation in person, but by his own admission here’s a presentation that is one of his best in recent times. A speech on “The Art of the Start” that Guy gave at TiECon on May 13, 2006. As always, Guy is funny, informative, and candid.

Watch Video (39.46 mts.) — Hear AudioRead Summary


Thanks, to Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen for his valuable insight into the world of professional design. I’m a Big Fan!

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  1. Vijay says:

    I have downloaded the video from blogsite of Mr.Guy Kawasaki.Is there any way I can download the speech given by the other 2 people.


  2. Vijay says:

    The video buy Guy kawasaki was really cool…


  3. […] a fan of “the Guy” (see my posts here and here); and I’ve been intrigued by his recent launch of a site called Truemors — a […]


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