The Monday Crazies (07/10/06)

It’s a crazy Monday if you count the number of posts I’ve made over the weekend. There can be only one of two reasons: either, I’m too passionate about marketing or I’m doing way too much blogging with my free time. (Note to self: get a Life, NOT iLife; even though the iLife seems pretty enticing!)

Anyways, to make your crazy monday easier, rather than let you meander through the 3 different posts, I thought I’ll link them on this post, so you can pick and choose the posts that are most relevant to you. Hope this helps…

1. Virtual Customer Lounges (focus: integrated marcomm)
2. Event Craziness (if you’re in the Bay Area; must-read)
3. Top 10 CEO Blogs (focus: Corporate Blogs)

Before I forget, a HUGE Thanks to Jason Calacanis (one of the Top 10 CEO blogs I profiled) from Weblogs, Inc. for dropping by the blog.

Wow… thanks! great company to be in!

I think certain types of folks are wired for blogging. I don’t recommend it for every CEO.

Jason, one thing’s for sure — YOU ARE wired for blogging. Thanks for inspiring countless other CEOs to jump on to the blogging bandwagon.

Also, an equally HUGE thanks to Craig Newmark from Craigslist who dropped by to thank-and-clarify:

Thanks, much appreciated, but Jim Buckmaster’s our CEO, he really runs craigslist now.

I act as full time customer service rep as well as being founder

Craig, you are an inspiration! And the real world-wide-web-slinger in the truest sense of the term.

Have a great week everybody and for those who like a.) schmoozing and are b.) in the Bay Area this week; maybe we can meet at one of these marketing events.

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  1. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Mack!

    I noticed your posts hog the limelight on Techmeme yesterday. Way to go!

    You’re right, Jason sure does set a great example for all bloggers worldwide.

    – Mario

  2. Mario Sundar


    Hope you found the CEO blog listings interesting.

    Let me know whenever you’re in the Bay Area. I’d like you to meet my team here at the American Marketing Association.


  3. Mack Collier

    Wow Mario your blog snowball continues to roll downhill gaining steam! I like Jason’s blog, he doesn’t seem to get into the ‘A-Lister’ politics that others do. He seems to tell it like it is.

  4. Michael Wagner

    I hardly ever get to smooze here in Des Moines – so am envious of the Bay Area opportunities you have.

    I plan to check out your list of CEO blogs – thanks for posting them.

    Stay busy and keep creating, Mike

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