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Leaner, Meaner ME…

… or for purposes of accuracy, a leaner, meaner weblog is what this “pithy” post is all about. Well, I’ve made a few changes to reflect my evolving priorities as a marketing blogger. Couple of things:

Firstly, I’d like to point out that my RSS feed may have posed a problem for those of you who are trying to access it via MyYahoo! Doug Hudiburg from Marketing Pathway was kind enough to point that out:

I tried to subscribe to your feed using MyYahoo! but it was rejected. When I added the ‘www’ to the URL it worked. You might want to modify your feed URL above to make sure that it works the first time for MyYahoo! users.

Thanks, Doug. I have contemplated using Feedburner but I didn’t want two feeds confusing the readers, so for the time-being I’m going to stick with the one feed you see on the Subscribe page. MyYahoo! users who face the issue – please prefix www to the feed URL to make the feed work.

Secondly, I also have made some changes to the Categories and Blog Roll section (that you see to the right of this web-page). Under “Categories”, I’ve followed the “Less is More” paradigm. I’ve chiseled it down to just around 10 marketing categories ranging from web 2.0 marketing to new-wave marketing (includes podcasts, search-engine marketing, RSS, etc…).

Under the “Blog Roll” section I’ve decided to emphasize the “Fellowship of Bloggers” who contribute to the community experience. Moving forward I’ll focus attention solely on participative marketing bloggers rather than list out all the blogs that I read. Community is the reason I blog, and it will remain the focus of my Blog Roll as well.

I’m thoroughly stoked that my blog readership currently hovers around 60 (since starting over a month ago). I’m planning new monthly posts such as the iDea Blogger-to-blogger interviews that will be the “rest-of-us” interviewing “one of us”. Thanks, Mack for shining a light on the “iDea series” in Viral Community News:

Mario is going to start interviewing other bloggers. I know I know, I thought the same thing at first, but Mario has a very interesting twist. He is going to accept questions from his community of readers for a month, then conduct the interview by asking his reader’s questions. A great way to involve your community in the process! His first interview will be with Jeremiah Owyang.

Feel free to send in your questions to

Most importantly, I’d like to hear from you readers if there’s any way I could further improve your reading experience. Thanks for making it worth my while to blog!

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