Across the Marketing Seas

1, 2, and 3.

1. The Viral Community is spreading its tentacles and reaching out across the seas. My recent “Blogosphere Under Attack” post was referred to by a major marketing blog from Netherlands – Marketing Facts (MF)! MF seems to be the Dutch equivalent of MarketingProfs and has a slew of marketing bloggers contributing (54 in total!). If only I knew some Dutch?!

I was elated to also notice that the Viral Community has had an earlier footing on the MF blog via (hold your breath) a referral to our own Mack Collier’s Top 25 Marketing and Advertising listings via FrankWatching. Way to go, Mack!

Thanks to Marco Derksen (Upstream), Erik Van Roekel as well as to Frank Janssen.

2. While on the topic of international marketing blogs. I was surprised and elated to see that one of the fastest growing blogs on WordPress is on Marketing and is from Turkey! Couple of reasons I like this blog. One, it has a rocking name – Marketallica! (Why didn’t I think of that earlier) And secondly, it’s very much like the marketing blogs that populate “Our Viral Community“.

Marketallica is run by a couple of cool marketing dudes from Turkey – Alemsah Ozturk (experiental marketing director at Manajans/JWT) and Ozgur Alaz (from the Youth Marketing Agency – youthrep).

If you want to get a feel for their posts, check out the Carnival of Marketing. I’ve already added their blog to my reading space and maybe you’ll find it as interesting as I do. Check out their blog – Marketallica, here.

Here’s wishing both of them the very best in (what I believe) will be an awesome “Global Conversation“.

3. As for me, I’m really excited because I recently made it into the top 200,000 on the Technorati rankings (Alright, I know it’s lame), but it’s just been a month since I started and I’m super-passionate about marketing & blogging. So, here’s hoping that I’ll break into the Technorati 100,000 pretty soon.

And with blessings from “The Fonz” himself, I’ve got to be doing something right:

Marketing Nirvana has literally come out of nowhere. Mario’s excellent blog is making waves not just for the content, but for his totally embracing the blogging community. So many new bloggers make the mistake of not doing this when they start out, and Marketing Nirvana should be the blueprint for how to hit the ground running with a blog. Podcasting, WOM, movie and music marketing, Mario covers it all with ease.

Thanks, Mack for the kind words. You are the best! In David Armano‘s words, here is why Mack is da man!

Happy ID4 to all readers. I’ll be back on Wed (07/05/06)!

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  1. Mario Sundar


    Thanks a lot for your encouragement. It’s all the more important for me, coming from someone whom I consider a mentor.

    I’ve updated the blogroll. Thanks for the heads-up.


  2. Mario Sundar

    Thanks, Mack.

    Web 2.0 Marketing is what kick-started by interest in blogging and will surely remain one of the key areas of this blog.

    Great job on building the “viral community”. I’m excited to be a part of it.


  3. Jeremiah Owyang

    Mario, you’ll hit the 10k range –keep at it, the exp[ertise will take you far, and the passion will take you farther.

    (also, mind updated your blogroll for my new blog?)

  4. Mack Collier

    You’re doing great Mario, and really starting to make waves. I also think you are in a great position because of where you are, and your marketing position in Silicon Valley, to give us insight into how SV startups such as Riya are marketing themselves. I’ve always thought that was fascinating, since many of them are so creative in building their communities.

    Great job, just keep the ball rolling!

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