This and that…


As a sequel to my previous post on movie marketing, check out this blog on movie marketing that I stumbled upon via Viral Garden – Movie Marketing Madness.

…and that…

A blog-shout-out to Mack Collier for mentioning Marketing Nirvana as a blog he enjoys reading. I appreciate the fact that Mack is a great participative blogger apart from contributing to 4 different blogs, some of which have crept into my daily reading habit: Viral Garden, MarketingProfs: Daily Fix, Beyond Madison Avenue, etc…

Mack has come up with his weekly Top 25 Marketing Blogger rankings which he culls from the Alexa web traffic rankings. Someday when I grow-up I hope to be on that list!

I was also pleasantly surprised & enthused by comments on my blog from MarketingProfs bloggers Ann Handley, Karl Long, and David Armano (whose post I'd recently responded to).

Thanks to everyone. I'm excited about being a part of this virtual "Land of the Marketing Blogger" and look forward to many a happy blogging exercise down the road.

Maybe we should organize an Annual Marketing Bloggers meet. I can help with logistics if Bay Area is chosen as the location. Just let me know and we could set some thing up.

In the meanwhile, all you marketers: Keep blogging and keep reading!

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  1. Mario Sundar

    Hey, I’m glad you liked that comment! It’s amazing how popular “Mack’s Top 25” has become. Kind of like the gold-standard.

    I also read your most recent post on “Hundreds of Friends” as well as your “Blogger Story”. Great writing!

    Will respond in detail in an upcoming post.


  2. Ann Handley

    Chris’s Movie Marketing Madness: CHECK. Agreed. As for your comment on Mack’s “top 25” list…

    “Someday when I grow-up I hope to be on that list!”

    That’s precious — sounds like a slogan for a t-shirt!

    : )

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