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Did somebody say Marketing Nirvāna?

First things first — thanks to Alain Thys (FutureLab) and Mack Collier (Viral Garden) for stopping by to say “Hi”. It’s a pleasure reading their respective blogs and I can’t wait for more constructive marketing discussions via our blogs.

Back to more Marketing: “Integration” – the biggest challenge for marketing executives across corporations all over the world. I just read an interesting post on Integrated Marcom by David Armano (MarketingProfs) on the importance of Brand Experience vs. Brand Messaging. The genesis of David’s thoughts originated from a piece on iMedia – “A Quick Guide to Integrated Marketing” (by Denise Zimmerman).

Quoting portions of the iMedia article, David concludes that
“If marketers really want to “integrate”—then we will talk about experiences as well. Until then it’s partial integration at best.”

I’d have to agree with David that brand experience is of paramount importance to marketers, particularly in this age of two-way integrated marcom. Let me clarify…

If a channel is “a method of communication or interactivity that attracts, engages, or raises awareness among consumers.”, here are examples of current channels:


(i) Radio
(ii) TV
(iii) Movies
(iv) Mail
(v) Email


(vi) Social communication
– Offline (such as Events, Teller, etc…)
– Online (such as RSS based Blogs/Podcasts, Webinars)

Every channel facilitates a touchpoint with your prospective customer. So if a touchpoint is “How customers interact with a business or brand”, you can see from the above list that social communication is the only way to precipitate that interaction.

So as a marketer you have the two options: either communicate one-way with your prospects or communicate two-way by engaging your audience with your product/service and getting to hear their feedback on the same. The easiest way to achieve that on top of your slate of marketing events would be via web 2.0 methods such as RSS Marketing, business blogging, and multi-user interactive podcasting (check out Waxxi & their next interactive podcast here), which are becoming increasingly important in elevating the effectiveness of your marketing messages.

I believe that the above-mentioned methods will qualitatively add to the brand experience that you as a marketer strive to include in your integrated marketing mix.

Feel free to check out my 101 series on RSS Marketing, Podcasts, Community Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

Just in case some of you are left wondering, how large companies in the real world successfully integrate their marketing communication efforts, check out this case study (thanks to iMedia Connection) on how Food Network Channel and Sprint/Nextel wrought Marketing Nirvāna!

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2 Responses

  1. David Armano says:


    An excellent extension of the discussion I started on Marketing Profs. Your points about the emerging technologies are insightful, and I'm glad that you are paying attention to the experience side in addition to the "messaging".

    PS, I really like this blog. Have not come across it before—but I'll spend some time browsing it. Feel free to visit me over at Logic+Emotion as well.


    Thanks for your comments on the blog. I appreciate it.

    I did check out your site and I can't but appreciate the coolness factor. Let me know if you're in the Bay Area and we can meet up with some marketing folk.



  2. Mario,

    Yours is a blog I shall be reading daily. It's lovely to see when people really "get it", and that they can share that knowledge so prolifically within their industry, and beyond.

    The concept behind Waxxi was this: in this read/write/web world we're living in today, a powerful platform such as podcasting needs to be two-way, not one-way. Let people participate! It's social media, after all. And, what better way for businesses (organizations, institutions, educational facilities, political campaigners, …) to interact with their customers?

    One of our mottos is: "the floor is yours." This is exactly the way businesses need to think today, I believe.

    Keep up the great work! I'm a big fan.

    PS: many thanks for the link!


    You just made my day! Thanks for your kind words.

    It's amazing how technology is empowering marketers with the capacity to truly engage their target audience. Waxxi is at the forefront of that and I wish your team all the very best. I'd like to quote my fav marketer of all time – Peter Drucker:

            "For centuries, we (marketers) have attempted communication 'downward'. It cannot work, first, because it focuses on what we want to say. Communication works only from one member of 'us' to 'another.'"

    I'm glad Waxxi is helping that vision come true. Kudos!



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