Thanks & “The Art of Evangelism”

It’s been a great week from my point-of-view as a blogger. The “Hotel Utah” blogger meet introduced me to fellow bloggers and we’ve had some interesting blog-conversations since then. Here is a sampling:

1. Jeremiah: Thanks for the invite to the “Hotel Utah dinner”. To quote from your blog:

The blogging dinner was a success, I’m glad to hear feedback from people that went for the first time such as Chris, Mario, and Les –all of which are my friends and I’ve had some impact on encouraging them to blog. The network expands, grows, and intersects.

It has been a great start to my blogging journey getting to know many other bloggers who share a similar passion for blogging as you do. You are an inspiration!

2. Tracy Sheridan: Thanks for your very kind words on your blog. I look forward to continuing our conversation and look forward to the magic that Waxxi‘s working on the podcasting front.

3. Les Chu: Nice meeting you and great to see your re-branding efforts at changing the name of your chiropractic blog. I guess you’ve re-christened it to “Cornucopia Chiropractica”. Way to go! I did notice the presence of a few other blogs on chiropractica. Will talk more later.

4. Chris Salazar: Thanks for the mention on your blog. I appreciate it. You have some interesting posts on the institutionalization of Wikipedia. Your point-of-view as a college student, is quite different from what I read recently from a free-speech perspective. Here’s Nick Carr’s take on the “Death of Wikipedia”, here and here. Interesting counter-point!

You may have seen me blog on marketing and customer evangelism in the past. Some of you may enjoy hearing about the Art of Evangelism, from the master himself – Guy Kawasaki!. Here’s a link to a post where you can stream the audio file of Guy’s speech at Ebay Live on the Art of Evangelism. You can also download the audio file at

Evoca seemed like a cool audiocast technology but the streaming audio file got my thumbs-down. Let me know if you feel otherwise.

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