Marketing blogs – here’s the scooop!

It’s not exactly a scoop, but Mack Collier from Viral Garden was kind enough to pass on his selection of Top 25 Marketing Blogs. As I mentioned to Mack, my only dissapointment was that Guy Kawasaki’s blog wasn’t on the list, but apart from that it’s a great list that all eager marketing-bloggers or wannabe-marketing-bloggers should check out.

I’m sure different bloggers have different tastes, but if you’re reading my blog, I felt you may be interested in knowing which marketing blogs make it to my list. Below is my Top 5 Marketing Blog picks (in no order of preference):


1. Creating Passionate Users

(a) Author/s: The Creating Passionate Users bloggers are all authors of bestseller Head First books (– Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates, Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Freeman

(b) Frequency of update: once to twice a week

(c) Focus: high-tech marketing

2. FutureLab

(a) Author/s: Alain Thys, Stefan Kolle, Blog contributors

(b) Frequency of update: Daily

(c) Focus: On this blog we assemble the world’s sharpest minds in marketing and strategy innovation. People who spark exceptional insights in their field of expertise and inspire their readers to action. To find out more about Futurelab: Click here

3. Life Beyond Code

(a) Author/s: Rajesh Setty

(b) Frequency of update: Every 2 days

(c) Focus: Leadership, Distinguish Yourself, Innovation, etc…

4. MarketingProfs Blog

(a) Author/s: Joseph Jaffe, Jonathan Kranz, Roy Young, Seth Godin, Tom Peters and over 40 others….

(b) Frequency of update: Daily

(c) Focus: Your daily fix of Marketing Opinion. Commentary. News

5. Viral Garden

(a) Author/s: Mack Collier

(b) Frequency of update: Religiously every day

(c) Focus: The place Beyond Madison Avenue where marketing ideas grow and spread

In conclusion, I have to quote from one of my Top 5 marketing blog picks – “Marketing Profs blog”. Joseph Jaffe writes:

“Brands that remain aloof, distanced, separatist and siloed will loss ground and momentum to consumers hungry for engagement. On the flipside, brands that open up themselves to their consumers – from enemies through prospects through customers through loyalists – will allow themselves the possibility to be internalized, taken to heart and essentially elevated to a new and very different place in the heart, mind and collective consciousness.”

Just replace “brands” with “blogs” and you’ll notice that the same holds true for marketing blogs as well. The Top 5 blogs I picked allow themselves the possibility to be elevated to a different place in the heart, mind and collective consciousness of us marketers!

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  1. Top 25. Check. TechMeme’d. Check. « Marketing Nirvāna — by Mario Sundar

    […] My fascination for the Viral Garden’s Top 25 Marketing Blogs started over a couple of months back, and shortly thereafter became more pronounced with my vow to find myself in it, when I grow up! The Top 25 rankings are assiduously maintained by our fellow marketing blogger and a great friend of mine; the Viral Gardener himself, Mack Collier with some great support from the Alexa rankings. […]

  2. Mario Sundar

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks! I surely will.

    It’s amazing how weblogs are bridging the gap among marketers all across the globe. I couldn’t imagine having this conversation with you if not for the web and blogs. Phenomenal!

    – Mario

  3. Ann Handley

    Mario — You are too kind. I’ll let you know when I’m in the Bay Area, in the meantime, give me a shout when/if you are in Boston.

  4. Mario Sundar


    I recently told Guy Kawasaki to post more often on his blog, because it was difficult not getting my daily fix of his marketing thoughts.

    Now that Guy has reduced his postings, I find I’ve an easy way-out with my Daily Fix of Daily Fix. Thanks!

    Awesome job!


  5. Mario Sundar


    Which card do you prefer: AmEx or VISA?

    Jokes apart, I enjoy reading your thoughts on various blogs. Let me know when you’re in the Bay Area, and maybe all of us marketing bloggers can meet?


  6. Mario Sundar


    I’ve to agree these are interesting times indeed. I’m glad to share my marketing thoughts with bloggers such as yourself, which makes my blogging experience much more productive for me, as a marketer.


  7. Ann Handley

    Thanks for the flag, Mario. You can’t go wrong with any of your other top 5 either — they are all brilliant.

  8. Karl Long

    Super cool, I’m a contributer for two of the top 5, that must make me a top contributer 🙂 I think I was the only one until David got signed up at futurelab.

    Now, when do i get paid?


  9. David Armano

    Nice collection of blogs and bloggers that are helping to shape the next generation of marketing and the customer experience.

    Interesting times we live in.

  10. Alain Thys

    Hi Mario
    thanks a lot for your praise. We'll do our best to stay worthy of it.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Alain,

    Your team sure deserves the praise. Keep up the great work!


  11. Mack Collier

    Wow thanks for putting me in your Top 5, Mario! That's a great quote by Joe, and loved the way you applied it to blogs as well!


    Hi Mack,

    Thanks to you — for passing on the Top 25 list. Was a great segueway into my post.

    I look forward to seeing you more often at the blog.


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