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Bloggers of the World, Unite!

Well, atleast the bloggers in the Bay Area can meet up this coming week on June 13th. The idea was mooted by Shel Israel, who along with Robert Scoble authored the book "Naked Conversations". The party will have as guests of honor, Adriana Cronin-Lucas, and Jackie Danicki.

My friend Jeremiah, who I often refer to in my blog, will be there and so will many of his blogger friends. Below are details to the party and you can also sign-up via Invitation here.

Date: June 13, 2006

Time: 7:00 – 10:00 PM (PST)

Place: Hotel Utah
         500 4th St (Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps)
         San Francisco, California 94107

Purpose: Do you really need one?

Bloggers of the world in the Bay Area on June 13th, Unite! See ya there.

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One Response

  1. do come out, even if you're new to blogging, come and understand what the interest is about.


    Hi Jeremiah,

    I'll be there. I look forward to meeting you, your friends and fellow bloggers.



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