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Google Excel: Sign me Up

Well, what is a web 2.0 offering doing on my post and how is it connected to marketing. For the moment, it’s not, but I just felt good this morning and thought I’ll give out some web 2.0 goodies.

After denying relentlessly, rumors that they are getting into “MS Office space”, Google has just released their fledgling web spreadsheet service – Google Spreadsheet. It is being released tomorrow, but if YOU CAN’T WAIT just head over here to sign-up for a limited release and also check out the sneak peak. (via Inside Google).

There are numerous references to how Google is upping the ante in the war against Microsoft, but Nick Carr whom I always admire for his clear thinking posts, has come up with what he thinks is the reason for Google’s foray into this space. To hear more on that, please check out Nick Carr’s post today.

But here’s something that’s relevant to my earlier post – The web is growing phenomenally, especially compared to traditional media! Let the facts speak for themselves:

Fact 1: A conservative estimate from the study says 17 percent of overall media is consumed via the Internet, and Horan notes that other researchers like Forrester have placed that number even higher.

Fact 2: Web dominant consumers’ retail spending averaged $26,450, while the TV-dominant group’s spending averaged $21,401.

Fact 3: Studies have shown that only about 8 percent of advertising goes to the Internet.

(Source: CNET News interview with Pam Horan, president of the Online Publishers Association – OPA)

No surprises there but its implications for marketers is HUGE. Per my earlier post – Podcast 101 for Marketers, I identified this great shift towards the web as one of the primary considerations for marketers (especially in tech savvy companies) to move towards podcast/RSS marketing, web marketing, etc… The signs are here my friend. There may be a time in the future, when Fortune 500 corporations no longer use printed marketing material and this may just be the signs of the days to come…

The question for the marketing teams at Fortune 500 companies is: “Are you doing enough to transition your marcom to the web?”. I am sure most companies can answer in the affirmative. For the rest, this is probably a wake-up call.

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