The “Guy” for the job – Evangelism Part II

I’ve been hearing some positive feedback from some of my blogger friends/evangelists on my previous post on evangelism. Jeremiah, linked me to a post of his where he compares evangelism and leadership. Thanks, Jeremiah. Also, thanks to Jackie Huba for dropping by.

I’m a fanboy of great technology products and the evangelists who make the products greater, and I had to take this opportunity to rave about somebody I think was instrumental in defining tech evangelism and whose blog (in my opinion) is the gold-standard when it comes to marketing blogs, the “Guy” himself – Guy Kawasaki (Check Guy’s super-cool blog here).

Not that Guy needs any intro, but here’s a short one on why Guy is THE Guy when it comes to tech evangelism. Guy is the very definition for “technology evangelist” if you look up Wikipedia (my favorite hang-out place online – I know I confess, I’m a marketing geek). Apparently, “the role of Technology Evangelist was first created by Guy Kawasaki while working for Apple Computer in the late 1980s when the Apple Macintosh was first being marketed.” What’s more interesting is that Guy is considered the first Apple evangelist and is credited with the successful evangelist campaigns: “Why Mac?” that has probably morphed into the Switch campaign. If that ain’t enough – here’s a “Brief History of Mine” by Guy Kawasaki.

Apple is probably the first company that has pioneered technology evangelism because they truly believe in a GREAT product and that as Guy emphasises on his “The Art of Evangelism” post, is the starting point of evangelism. There are tons of Guy’s posts that you’d find bite-worthy but here are three of my favorites on Evangelism that is a must-read.

1. How to evangelize a blog (Boy, I need to re-read this one)
2. Book Review: Influence — Science and Practice (Trust me. It’s related to evangelism)
3. Lessons on Steve Jobs’ Keynote

As Guy would say: “Live Long and Kick Butt” dear evangelists…

The world needs YOU.

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