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Click if you are (a) B2B marketer AND (b) from high-tech

I just got a survey request from Stefan Tornquist, Research Director at Marketing Sherpa, a marketing website that I endorsed in one of my earlier posts.

Stefan is in the process of putting together a survey that compares the various components of sales & marketing (lead management, direct marketing, search engine marketing, etc… ) among B2B technology marketers – circa 2006. I presume, the result would be a “State of Business Technology Marketing” report that will be mailed FREE to all participants of the survey. I’m sure this report would give you a birds-eye view of the latest & greatest within the marketing community at high-tech B2B companies. The survey’s just 13 questions and per my experience, fairly easy and short to take.

Participate in the 13-point survey, if you’d like to be a part of creating that data for the benefit of your peers and colleagues.

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6 Responses

  1. Marketeer says:

    Let’s see what the questions are.


  2. Marketeer says:

    Hi Mario,

    Do you have any idea why Stefan uses this type of survey form? Only 13 questions but very cumbersome to fill out.

    Anyway I looking forward to see the results.


  3. Marketeer says:

    Like your topics… added you to my blogroll if that’s ok?


  4. mariosundar says:

    Hi Rogier,
    Thanks for dropping by and for your comments. I believe Stefan had a specific set of data points he needed to cover for his research and hence the 13 point format, but I’ll surely ping him to find out more.
    -Mario Sundar


  5. Marketeer says:

    Hi Mario,

    Well it’s my experience people get either lost or bored using this format questionnaire.


  6. mike says:


    great post, I couldnt have said it better!



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