The best of…marketing blogs/RSS feeds

One of the steps towards becoming a blogger yourself is to become an avid reader of blogs. I for one, can say that reading blogs & RSS feeds has completely changed the way I look at news. It’s like the TiVo of the Web and my RSS reader -Wizz RSS does a fabulous job of that. If you run the Firefox browser, this would be my pick for RSS reader. If you want more information on RSS feeds and how to subscribe, check out my mini-tutorial above that says “subscribe”.

If you read blogs relentlessly, you’d soon realize that the really good ones are few and far in between. Here’s my homage to the marketing blogs/RSS feeds that have truly made a difference and added value to my browsing experience along with the reasons as to why they appeal to me.

My Top 3 favorite Marketing/PR Blogs:

1. Guy Kawasaki: His marketing blog is undoubtedly the best of its kind. It’s had a meteoric rise within the Technorati rankings (which for the uninitiated is the primary indicator of how popular you are on the blogosphere – check out the Technorati 100). The reason I love his blog, is because it has useful nuggets of information on marketing, best practices, top 10 lists, that can be easily absorbed and will be of importance to every marketer.
Guy Kawasaki’s blog link
Guy Kawasaki blog’s RSS Feed
My “current” favorite 3 Kawasaki posts: Top 10 lies of marketers, Hindsights, and Book Review: Influence – Science & Practice.

2. Steve Rubel: of Edelman fame, has a neat blog on how social software is transforming PR. Kind of around concepts similar to my own blog, but Steve being who he is has created a neat cornucopia of ideas that every pr guy can learn from.
Steve Rubel’s Blog link
Steve Rubel blog’s RSS feed
My favorite Rubel posts: Fishing for the meaning of word-of-mouth, Magic T of Marketing, and I like companies that say “We Suck”

3. Michael Arrington’s Tech Crunch: If you’re in the Silicon Valley & if you’re into web 2.0 there’s no way that you may have missed Tech Crunch. Since I’m into business development myself tech crunch offers me a great way to keep a tab on the pulse of the web 2.0 world. What’s cool is that there are so many web 2.0 start ups that could offer incremental improvements over the way we currently look at marketing communications such as within the customer references space alone. Keeping tab of these start-ups with Tech Crunch is a great way to keep yourself informed on the benefits you can create for your own marketing program.
Tech Crunch Blog link
Tech Crunch’s RSS feed link
Favorite web 2.0 startups for marketers, as profiled on Tech Crunch: Squidoo-Seth Godin’s Purple Albatross, Improve yourself with Mecanbe, State of web 2.0 (a year ago – 2005)

Hope these 3 links were of help. I’d surely keep updating my top 3 finds within marketing and tech blogs as and when I find them.

Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day weekend – 2006!

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  3. Mack Collier

    Here's The Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing Blogs, in case you are looking for more great marketing blogs to read:



    Thanks for the links. I was a bit dissappointed to see Guy Kawasaki's blog NOT on the list, but otherwise I thought it was a great compendium.

    I'll probably publish this list in a forthcoming post of mine. (with your permission)



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