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Spero Ventures. Early LinkedIn, Twitter. These are my thoughts on tech, brand, marketing and community.


Yes! I do blog. I finally succumbed to the temptation of starting a conversation in the blogosphere with the hopes of engaging my peers from the sales, marketing and PR communities in the high-tech industry on how to adapt to the changing dynamics of web2.0 to better communicate with our target audiences.

My experience in sales/marketing as well as my membership on the board of American Marketing Association (SVAMA), gives me unique insight into a broad swath of marketers (academics as well as professionals). Being in the Silicon Valley provides a unique insight into the rapidly evolving web 2.0 arena of social software. I bet there are similar blogs out there, but I'd like to specifically address the high tech industry. This blog is an attempt to marry the two components of technology and marketing, in an attempt to rationalize the future of marketing communications for the high tech industry.

I'd encourage you to participate in discussions with your comments so we could all learn as we go. Special thanks go out to Jeremiah Owyang – web strategist (check out jeremiah's blog here) who was particularly helpful in my taking the decision to plunge into the blogosphere. Thanks, J.

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5 Responses

  1. Best wishes to you Mario, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions. I like your template as well


  2. mariosundar says:

    Thanks, Jeremiah. I hope to have interesting blog conversations with you on high-tech marketing concepts.


  3. You may be intersted in attending this event



    I just signed up for this event last week. I look forward to an evening full of ideas. See ya there.



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  5. […] I started blogging years ago. Nearly 6 years ago. […]


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